Introduction: Easy Family Tree

Hope you enjoy this as it is my first instructable. I enjoy makeing things and anything art and wanted to share this. I hope y'all enjoy and thanks for checking this out. Stevo

Step 1: Things Needed

Things needed are a piece of card stock paper Coloring pencils or pastel chalk or you could even use crayons. You will need an exacto knife or scissors to cut the hole in the tree. The owls that I used are foam stickers that I got at my local dollar store. 12 owls for a dollar . Also an 8*10 frame. I got one at walmart for $2.00. Total cost of this project is approximately $2.50. Will also need 1 more piece of paper and some glue

Step 2: Getting Started

Ok take you're paper it might have to be trimmed a little to fit in the frame. My card stock was a little bigger. Then either free hand or trace a good sized tree on it. #Note.. However many family members (Owls) you have. You'll have to save that many limbs for them. After you draw the tree. Also draw a line for the grass. You can get as detailed as you like on the tree

Step 3: Optional Cutting the Hole

You can either cut the hole in the tree now or wait until you're done coloring it. (EDIT). You will need 1 more piece of paper I had forgot about. Ok after you're details you're ready to color in the picture. Just make sure when you make the hole that the owl still fits in will use another paper putting the owl on it then the tree over that

Step 4: Coloring in Your Picture

You can start with any part you like. (NOTE) if you use pastel chalk try useing a qtip around the limbs to blend the color. Or in the open areas. Like the sky or grass you can use a tissue to blend. Same goes for colored pencils. Try rubbing the picture with a tissue to blend preferably the bigger open areas.

Step 5: Still Coloring

Keep on coloring. This step takes awhile but is worth it in the end. These pics can be made for Freinds or for yourself. I made one for my daughter with all the owls being my family and my daughter was the pink one in the middle she loved it you don't have to do it exactly the same. Be creative. Make it unique. Make it yours (:

Step 6: Adding the Owls

Ok last step. Add you're owls. However many family members you're adding or Freinds ect.. That's how many owls you need. One last thing. You can also put in initials or names in the tree and make it look like a carving. It adds a little character. Also remember to make enough branches for all your owls (: last but not least enjoy art and thanks for takeing the time to check this out.