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Introduction: Easy Faux Candles

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This is an easy and quick way to make awesome looking faux candles! Just in time for Halloween too!


You'll need:

-Heavy paper like the packing or corrugated stuff.
Tubes and toilet paper rolls work if you can fit an LED candle light in the top.
(You want sturdy candles)

-Hot glue (For gluing the rolled paper together)

-LED candle light (Candles yo!)

-Tape (To hold up the LED candle)

-Hot glue again (For the wax drip action)

-Chalk paint (Any paint will do, but chalk paint has a nice texture)

-Chalk paint wax (For a nice finish)

Step 1: Making the Candles

The paper! I bought packing paper from the dollar store and had some cardboard tubes in the workshop.

Just wrap the paper around the candle and glue it into place. Easy peasy!

Remember, flimsy candles are not good!

Step 2: Wrapping and Gluing

Action shots of the wrapping and gluing!

Make a little tape bed, so the light doesn't drop though the candle. You'll hot glue over the tape on the outside, so don't worry about it peeling off.

Step 3: Bananers

You can't see the tape in these pics, but it's there.

Make sure the candles can stand on their own. If they don't, you can hot glue them to a square of cardboard.

Step 4: The Faux Wax

Don't rush the wax lines!
I think four layers gives the most realistic looking wax drips.
**Make a hot glue bead and drag the gun up towards the top.

Step 5: Chalk Paint

Use a dark base color. I went with Annie Sloan Graphite followed by Old white. The chalk paint will stick to the hot glue-no problem!
Chalk paint will give you the best texture!

Step 6: Dang!

Is your mind blown?

Step 7: Wax On

Wax will give a low-durability protection and make the color and textures pop.

Step 8: Awesomeness!

Super easy and super awesome!

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    4 weeks ago

    Ohhh wow really quick way to make and creative one!! 👏👏

    bryans workshop
    bryans workshop

    Reply 4 weeks ago

    Fast and looks awesome!