Easy Fifa World Cup Trophy

Introduction: Easy Fifa World Cup Trophy

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For this project you will need tin foil, yellow paint, paint brushes, green tape, a tennis ball, double sided tape ,scissors , and a small fizzy bottle.

Step 2: Get to Work

Use the tape to mark where the bottle begins to curve diagonally as shown.
Cut the bottle at the top of the tape. And again about 3 cm above that.

Step 3: Make a Cone

Take a peice of paper and cut it into the shape shown.
Then roll it into a cone. And tape at the seams.

Step 4: Test

Put together your trophy should look like this:

Step 5: Paint the Tinfoil

Now paint the tinfoil yellow and leave to dry, before wrapping the tinfoil over the tennis ball.

Step 6: Back to the Base-ics

Take your base, the plastic ring you cut earlier, and wrap it in green tape. Then use your yellow paint to mark a ring through the middle. This will be the base of the trophy.

Step 7: More Tinfoil

Use leftover yellow tinfoil to make another cone shape, use you double sided tape to glue the two cone shapes together.
(I have cut a wave pattern into the top of mine in an attempt to copy the trophies patterns)

Step 8: Put It All Together

Put it all together :)

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    7 years ago

    oh my goooooooooood


    8 years ago on Introduction

    You should use your "finished" image as your first image.