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Introduction: Easy Flapper Headband

About: Britex Fabrics is an amazing, family-run, 4-story fabric store in San Francisco. Britex sells a selection of our fabrics and notions online, and blogs about textiles at www.britexfabrics.com.

Rice and Potatoes, two multi-talented gals on the notions floor of Britex Fabrics stitched this up in time for Halloween. Using only a needle & thread and three items, this easy to make flapper headband will transform you into a glamorous vamp in no time at all!

Step 1: Supplies

All of the supplies used to make this sparkly headband are from Britex Fabrics! Total cost is $8.68
- 1/2 yard 1 inch wide stretch sequined trim ($3.95/yd. = $1.98)
- 1/8 yard ostrich feathers ($21.95/yd. = $2.75)
- 1 large decorative rhinestone or applique ($3.95)
- Needle and thread

Step 2: Making the Band

In order to make the headband base sew your stretch trim end to end, overlapping ends slightly. Make sure you sew a tight seam, so that it does not come undone!

Step 3: Tweaking Your Feathers

Fold your fancy feathers in half two times over. They will now form a shorter, thicker bundle of feathery delight.

Step 4: Tacking Your Feathers

Tack your fluffy feathers together at the bottom, sewing lightly so they'll keep their shape. After the feathers are tacked together, sew them over the headband seam.

Step 5: Adding Bling

Sew your decorative rhinestone or applique over the headband seam and feather ends. The rhinestone or applique will cover all sewing glitches.

Step 6: You Vamp, You!

Now you are well on the way to becoming the cat's whiskers. Shimmy into a frock, pull up your silk stockings, get all dolled up, hussy on down to the Fairmont Hotel, and Bunny Hug the night away to the "Memphis Blues ".

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    i am learning about the roaring twenties in social studies and flappers were located mostly in IL they were described as adventurous young women who knew all the latest dance fad's. nice job


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much for the compliments. It is a lot of fun researching other eras. The Bunny Hug originated at the Faimont Hotel. See http://www.streetswing.com/histmain/z3bunny.htm for more information on dance history. The 1920's was an fabulous time period for women's emancipation, as women finally got the right to vote in 1920.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    ohh i also have a A+ in social studies (and i am student of the month) sorry to be a show off