Introduction: Easy Framing

This is a frame adapted from a way more professional looking frame I found here.  Its a great website and super fun to use. 

Materials needed for this frame:
Cardboard box
a razor blade
mylar, or a sheet of clear plastic
whatever it is you want to frame

Step 1: Cut to Size

First, I cut my cardboard box up and cut it down to the size I wanted it.  Ideally I would have found a piece that was long enough, but instead I had to use two pieces and tape them together, and you know, it really wasn't that bad. 

Make your own measurements and what-not.  This can be any shape or size you want. 

Step 2: Make It Chic

Once they're cut to size, tape them together and paint them black (or whatever color you had in mind, the possibilities are endless). 

Step 3: Measure and Matt

Then comes the measuring.  Or more at least.  I measured a ton to get my little photos in the right place.  And, in fact, made little pencil marks you can't even see.  So don't be bashful about being perfect.  This can look nice. 

When they're in the right place, glue 'em.  Glue 'em good.

Step 4: Cutting the Plastic

This actually proved to be one of the more difficult things of this project.  But maybe you are more apt.

I wanted this to be larger than the space my images and smaller than the cardboard.  Again, measuring.  Lots of math.  But it all works out in the end, because you have a beautiful looking frame. 

Also, it took a little cleaning.  Clear plastic gathers dust. 

Step 5: Brads

Using the razor blade, I poked a small hole where I wanted the brads to go, just so they didn't have to do all the work.  They aren't really all that strong. 

Step 6: Finish

The greatest thing about this little frame is that it is so light.  I just put it in my kitchen with sticky tack.  Awesome.  Looks pretty good, right?