Easy Friendship Bracelets




Introduction: Easy Friendship Bracelets

Learn to make friendship bracelets! Get different thread, tape, and a friend to give it to.

Step 1: Thread

First, you'll need to choose your colors. Pick three. They should be cut to be wrapped around you wrist three times.

Step 2: Knots

Tie another half knot. This is called a square knot.

Step 3: Taping Time!

Take the loop off your finger and tape it to a surface. This will keep it stable.

Step 4: First Color

Pick which color you want first. Hold it in your right hand and the other two in your left hand.

Step 5: Over and Under

Lay down the two and put the one over them. Then pull your chosen color between itself and the two.

Step 6: Pull

Pull the loop all the way up to the tape/square knot.

Step 7: Repeat

Repeat steps 5 and 6 about 7 times.

Step 8: Switch

Now pick your next color and do 5-7.

Step 9: Repeat a Lot.

Do 5-8 until you have a half inch to an inch left on ALL strings.

Step 10: Tape Off!

Take off the tape now!

Step 11: Circles!

Now to make it a circle. Remember that loop? Well, tie a square knot with your loose string to that loop.

Step 12: Friends!

Now, give it to you friend! Easy, right?

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    5 Discussions

    UwU Sami
    UwU Sami

    7 months ago

    could you please add more detail and maybe pictures (your own pictures please)


    5 years ago

    I dont understand how to do this ??

    sweety khan
    sweety khan

    8 years ago on Introduction

    hi plzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how to make these braslets plzzzzzzzzzzzzz i cant understand .............

    My 4 year old cousin can take pics. well and you only got them off the internet!