Introduction: Easy Fruit Flavored Iced Tea

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This a quick week day iced tea with fruit flavor. Not the fancy type you use a glass pitcher or with slice fruit floating in it, but something to quench your thirst while working in the garden, or to have with an evening meal. Just one step beyond making brewed iced tea at home.

Step 1: What You Need

This is what I used to make my tea. Adjust it to your taste

5 Tea Bags
5 packets of Sucrolose
1 single serve Hawaiian Punch Lemon Lime Splash
2 trays of Ice

A sauce pan, pot, coffee maker, iced tea maker, to heat the water
A picther, jug, or some other 2 quart or 2 liter or larger container

Step 2: Make the Tea

Heat the water until it is starting to steam but not quite boiling. Being as I am using generic brand tea bags, this isn't as important as if you were using higher quality tea, but boiling the water makes the tea bitter as it overheats.

I added 5 tea bags to the water, and let it steep for 5 or 6 minutes, until it gets darker then you drink it as you are going to ice it and dilute it to preferred strangth.

Step 3:

Fill the jug with the ice from 2 ice trays. Most ice trays hold 14 cubes at about 1 oz each so it comes out to about 28 oz of ice for those counting.
Add your sweetener, and the single packet of flavored drink, in my case Sucralose and Hawaiian Punch (I have found I like the lemon lime blast, but have also used grape, lemon, and the original red fruit punch flavored, you can add what ever flavor you like).

Step 4: Pour Tea Over Ice

Take the tea bags out of the tea and pour the tea over the ice, sweetener and flavor.

Top off the 2 Quart container with water

Put the top on the container tightly and shake, or if you are using a pitcher with no lid, then stir well.

Honest, those are different pictures, one before and one after shaking, not really sure which is which.

Step 5: Enjoy

You can pour yourself a nice cold glass of iced tea, either pouring it over a glass with ice if you drink it like my brother, or just as is since it is chilled and ready to drink already.