Introduction: Easy Fume Extractor

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This fume Extractor absorbs smoke from Soldering iron during Soldering.Soldering iron contains Lead and Tin.During soldering there is a chance of breathing smoke from soldering Lead.Breathing these smoke will cause health problems.Inhalation of tin oxide may cause pneumonia.All solder fumes can cause occupational asthma and other health problems (leaded and lead-free) if used for long periods at a time.This fume Extractor will safe guard you from smoke.

Step 1: Materials Required

  • SMPS Box
  • Cooling Fan
  • IC 7812
  • 12-0-12 volt Transformer
  • General purpose PCB
  • IN4007 Diodes--------------2
  • Heat Sink
  • 1000uf , 50V Capacitor

I had taken my repaired SMPS Box which was not working.

Step 2: Schematic Diagram

The schematic diagram uses 12-0-12 volt transformer,Full wave Rectifier,IC7812 12 volt regulator,Cooling Fan

Step 3: Operation of Schematic Diagram

Transformer converts 230 Volt AC to 12Volt AC.Full wave rectifier uses two IN4007 Diodes which converts 12 volt AC signal into 12 volt DC Signal.The Output of Full Wave rectifier contains ripples.To eliminate ripples 1000uf capacitor is used to eliminate ripples.We get pulsating DC which is not a pure straight line DC.To convert it to pure DC 12 volt Regulator 7812 is used.Finally the 12volt pure DC is given to Cooling fan for rotation to extract fumes.

Step 4: Soldering the Schematic

I had soldered the components according to schematic diagram in a general purpose PCB.

Step 5: Assembling Fume Extractor

I had assembled the components in an SMPS BOX.

Step 6: Video

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