Introduction: Easy Fun Crafts for Kids: Diy Paper Crocodile Tutorial

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Kids! Add this fierce but cute Paper Crocodile to your paper animals collection. This Easy Fun Craft for Kids is an amazing DIY Easy Craft Idea that all kids would love to make. This fantastic DIY Paper Crocodile Tutorial is a complete step by step procedure of how to make this easy and fun kids craft.

This DIY Crocodile Tutorial is an awesome teaching aid that can be made with paper and can very easily be used for effective and kid-friendly teaching. Watch the complete step-by-step tutorial on how to make this fun DIY paper Crocodile.For more of such cool and fun crafts check out my YouTube Channel also.

Step 1: Get Your Craft Supplies!

There are some absolutely basic craft supply requirements that you need for making the DIY paper crocodile craft:

Colored paper

Black Felt Pen





Step 2: Paper Cutting.

Divide an A4 size paper in dark green color, in 8 equal sections, and then cut 8 equal sized strips from it.

Step 3: Make the Crocodile's Body.

Making loops of the cut strips inter connect these loops and join the pieces of paper to form the crocodile's body. for a more detailed explanation view the tutorial.

Add the fierce look to the crocodile bay making it's jaws and adding his feet.

Step 4: Your Paper Crocodile Is Ready!

Doesn't it look amazing! Such an easy and Cute Paper craft Idea for Kids. This 3D Origami Paper Crocodile looks so fierce and realistic and at first sight looks pretty unbelievable to be an easy Paper craft for kids. For the mother of an animal loving kid, this 3D Origami Crocodile is got to be an amazing craft.

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