Introduction: Easy Funky Drinking Glasses From PET Bottles

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These are 3 drinking glass designs that dawned upon me after I had cut out the main section of a bottle for Bara1962's instructable. I held the bottom and top of the bottle, and thought about what I could do to these. At first I thought of a funnel, but I already have one of those. I tried putting them together in various ways and finally came up with something that resembled a wine glass. Yay! Thanks for the idea for the twine wrap from Lfndbt's Shower Caddy. Anyone can do this if they have patience and some free time, and don't mind getting their fingers a little burned if this is their first time using a hot glue gun like me. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU COAT 3 OF YOUR FINGERS WITH VERY HOT MOLTEN GLUE THAT DRIES ON THERE LIKE IT HAPPENED TO ME! Sorry, I felt obliged to yell that part.

Key--- Steps=the steps, Number=the steps inside the steps

Step 1: Materials

Materials you will need---

1. Some Empty PET water bottles, preferably the 500mL/1.05 pint kind.
2. Glue sticks for the hot glue gun
3. (Optional) Twine

Tools you will need---

1. A hot glue gun
2. Sharp scissors, you can use an xacto knife if you want to.

Step 2: Removing the Labels

This is a good time to turn on the hot glue gun if you haven't already. This step will be easier with Plastic labels. It is the same process with the paper labels but they require more scraping and ripping. First, Run hot water over the bottles to soften the adhesive. Then Make a cut next to the adhesive and peel the label off. Some adhesive will probably be left. I wish I could help you with it but I couldn't get mine off, not even with a hot spatula and elbow grease, which usually solves most of my stubborn adhesive problems.

Step 3: Cutting the Bottles

I am going to take advantage of how most of these bottles have lines on the side and use them for approximate measurements. How you do this step is determined by which cup you want to make. They differ after

1. Cut off the base about 1 inch up from the bottom. This step is optional for the liner.
2. Look at the following pictures to see the different glass designs.
3. Cut off the about 4 lines down from the first line if you are doing the liner or the exotic. (sorry, Ill upload a picture soon for this)

Step 4: The Liner

If you have a 2-temperature glue gun, set it on low. We want to melt as little of the bottle as possible. For the liner, save the middle section and the top section of the bottle. If you cut the bottom off, don't throw it away, save it because Im making another instructable that they can be used for.

1. Insert the top section cap-down into the middle section for a snug fit. You don't need to force it.
2. Take the hot glue gun and cover the seam fully. Don't put too much on or it will burn through the PET and ruin everything!!! OH NOES!!! (sorry, no picture of this process here either, I'll upload it soon)
3. Finished!

Step 5: The Exotic

For the exotic we will use the top and the bottom of the bottle. You can see how to use the middle here. If you want your exotic to be unnessarily watertight, see step 7.

1. Hold the top section cap-down onto the bottom section.
2. Once you are satisfied that it is level, take the hot glue gun and glue around the edge of the cap until when you look up from the bottom, the cap is surrounded at the bottom by glue.
3. Cut a large piece of twine off the spool ( like 2 feet or so)
4. Put a dab of hot glue at the end of the twine.
5. Push the glued end of the twine onto the ring above the cap. There is no way to avoid getting scalded a bit here.
6. Continue wrapping the twine downwards around the cap until you get halfway or the twine starts getting loose. Put a dab of glue there to keep it in place, then keep wrapping.
7. When you get to the bottom edge of the cap, put a blob of glue on the cap there and stick the twine there. Wait a minute or two for the blob to dry, then cut the twine down to size.

Step 6: The Tropical

The tropical Is basically the Exotic except with a taller cup. For the Tropical, you use the top and the bottom sections because you exclude number 3 in step 4, so there is no middle section.

To make the tropical, follow steps 1 and 2 from the exotic. If you want to go above and beyond, you can also do steps 3 to 7 (I didn't go above and beyond).

Step 7: Uber-Watertight

To make any of the designs uber-watertight, before you assemble anyting, seal the cap with glue.

In the picture I sealed it after I assembled everything. Don't be like me.

Step 8: Finishing Up

After you have made finished making your funky drinking glass, I want you all to do something different. Give them a lip like Lftdbdt's drinking glasses. Glue Tissue paper on them. Paint them. Drink from them. Go Crazy!

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