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Introduction: Easy GPS Tracker

Fear of losing your pet? no problem
no need to Arduino. many don't know the code of these card. and steps are long is difficult .

what I propose is very easy . you will need a harness for your dog, a waterproof box , foam and a old smartphone.

First, set the box on the harness with two rivets or more.
foam, serve at protecting the smartphone.

1- using your smatphone tracking device in case of loss .

2- you are using the app "follow me" for windows, android and apple

more informations: https://www.followmee.com/

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    4 years ago

    many are already done with Arduino . the problem is that even with a well explained tutorial , many do not understand . it's too difficult for them. that's why I want a very simple and economic project. because many of us , possess old smartphones, it is also the most economical way.

    Thank you for your comment. If you have any questions , do not hesitate .