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Introduction: Easy Glider

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This instructable will tell you how to make an easy household item Glider btw this is OJB again on my 3rd instructable.

Fly High! And Enjoy!

(I suggest throwing this in an open area throw it like a paper airplane from the section in between the first set of wings and the tail)

Step 1: Materials


2.any type of straw

3.foam plate

4. Tape

5.paperclip (optional but recommended)

Step 2: Body of the Plane

Get your straw

Step 3: Cutting the Foam Plate

Cut the plate so it looks like the pic

Step 4: Cutting Off the Sides

Cut where I marked the foam with a pen

Step 5: Picture

It should look like this or similar

Step 6: Attaching

Center the straw in the middle of the foam thing you just made. And attach with tape so it looks like the picture

Step 7: Tail

Now with your extra pieces of the plate choose on and make an ark sort of thing. So it looks like the pic

Step 8: Attaching the Tail

Attach the tail the same way you attached the front set of wings.

Step 9: Picture

You should get something like this.

Step 10: Paperclip

Now crumple up that paperclip sort of so it is smaller.

Step 11: Sliding

Now slide it into your glider so it looks like the pic

Step 12: Throwing

Now it doesn't always throw well sometimes it doesn't fly well sometimes it does. You just need to be patient! Throw it like a paper airplane from the part I'm pointing at in the pic.

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