Introduction: Easy Gory FX Makeup

Want to look gross but aren't sure if the process of making deep cuts look real on your face are for you? Well look no further because I created this Instructable to help people make simple yet disgusting FX makeup.

This is especially for the people who want to do their own makeup instead of having others do it for them, this way you have all control on every little drop of blood and can take all the credit.

Step 1: Materials List

1. Fake blood. ( I used "Bottle of Blood")
2. Black Face/Body Paint. ( I used Mehron Fantasy F-X)
3. Eye dropper.
4. Small bowl.
5. A few ounces of water.
6. Anything to style your hair. (I used "Got 2B Glued")
7. Paper towels
8. Mirror

Step 2: Applying Face/body Paint - Basic

I would start with around and underneath the eyes. Put a little (Don't worry you can always add more) on you fingers and just start being creative with it and make it look like your dead. Once you've got a look your happy with use the residue left on your finger tips and spread it around your face to make a your skin a slightly grayer tone.

Step 3: Applying Fake Blood - Basic

Fill a small bowl with a few ounces of water. Now pour an equal amount of fake blood into the water. Use a paper towel like a sponge to apply the "bloodwater" to areas of you face and if you want neck. repeat to make darker shades of red.

Step 4: Applying Fake Blood - Creative

Once your finished with step 3 dump out the "bloodwater" and pour in an ounce of fake blood. Using an eye dropper make thick blood gashes. It's best to create an outline of what you want it to look like with a little bit of blood and once that dries keep adding layers. To make blood tears you should put the tip of the eye dropper against your skin and slowly squeeze allowing blood to flow naturally. This can also work for around the mouth. To make a blood spatter effect dip a couple fingers into the bowl of blood and flick a little where ever you want it. Have fun with it.

Step 5: Applying Face/body Paint - Creative

Apply a darker coat of face paint around the more creative blood marks. Do this gently so it can be easily blended without ruining your blood marks. All your doing right now is enhancing the wounds to draw attention them. Have fun with it.

Step 6: Make Your Hair Messy

Use any kind of hair products to make it look matted and dirty. Or make some crazy Liberty Spikes! It gives and added "Eww" effect.

Step 7: Everything Is Cooler With FANGS!

Go pick up some fangs if you want!

Somehow my dog always knows when I have fangs in and get all hyper, so what can you do but play and take some fun pictures!

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