Easy Grip Miniature Screwdrivers

Introduction: Easy Grip Miniature Screwdrivers

I have a friend who has problems using small precision screwdrivers because of Arthritis in their hands, The little screwdrivers caused pain and were fiddly to use.

I decided to makes something that would make it easier to grip between two fingers

Parts Required:

  • 2 out of circulation coins or metal discs.
  • Set of miniature screwdrivers.

Tools required:

  • Hacksaw or multi-tool with cutting disc and sanding wheel.
  • solder.
  • flux.
  • blow torch.
  • sand paper.
  • Epoxy putty.
  • Spray paint.

Step 1: Step 1: Prepare the Coins and Screwdriver Bits

Using either the dremel or the hacksaw cut the miniature screwdrives as show in the picture. roughen the surface of the screwdrives and the coins with the sandpaper.

Step 2: Step 2 : Solder the 3 Screwdrives Bits to the Coin

Cover the side of one of the coins and the 3 screwdriver bits with flux and solder then together with the screwdriver bits spaced 120 degrees apart. I used 3 other coins to support the screwdriver bits so they stayed square.

Place flux on one side of the other coin and place on top of the screwdriver bits so they are sandwiched between the 2 coins.

Solder the top coin to the screwdriver bits.

Take your time with this step as it can be a little bit fiddly. make sure you dont touch the coins with your bare hands as they get red hot with the blow torch.

If your under 16 I would definitely get an adult to do this stage for you.

Step 3: Step 3: Finishing Off

Leave the screwdriver to cool totally before you do this step.

As it stands its pretty much usable but i like to just finish it off a little and make it look a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

If you have some fill the gaps between the coins with epoxy putty. This will give it a bit of added strength and will look a little tidier.

Leave this to dry overnight to ensure it is 100 % dry

Using the sand paper sand the epoxy and the edge of the coins smooth and roughen the sides of the 2 coins.

Give the whole thing a coating of spray paint. I usually give it 2 coats of paint. Follow the specific drying time instructions on the side of the paint can before you give it a second coat. A good way to spray both sides of the coins is to hang the screwdrivers from cotton,

Make sure you spray the coins in a well ventilated room.


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