Easy Guitar Strap Locks Made From Picks!




Introduction: Easy Guitar Strap Locks Made From Picks!

Here I'll show you how to make effective Strap Locks for your guitar, the simple and cheap way!

They also give a slight custom appearance to your beloved axe!

You'll want:

-(x2) Guitar Pick (The softer/thinner picks are better. Hard picks just break. .50 tortex is perfect)

-Dremel or similar tool.
-Drill with relatively small drill bit. (Optional, you could just use the Dremel to drill if you'd like)

Step 1: Drill the Pilot Hole

Drill the pick as close to the center of the largest area as possible. This is the pilot hole.

Step 2: Enlarge Pilot Hole With Dremel

Now that you've drilled the pilot hole in the pick, use the Dremel (or other similar tool) to widen the hole until its about the diameter of a pea. (Couldn't think of anything better, haha...)

Step 3: Cut a Slot in the Pick

Now that you've finished with the hole, cut a slot straight down the middle of the pointy side of the pick. This should reach the hole.

This allows us to fit the pick over the strap buttons.

It should look like the second picture below.

Step 4: Install Your New Strap Locks!

You're finished! 

Now fit them on your guitar over the strap. (Should be a very tight fit and you may struggle a bit but that just means they wont be coming off!) Remember to install a lock for both strap buttons on your guitar.


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Star picks are even better because they already have a hole. The most you'll have to do to the hole is trim a little. Also, I linked to this in one of my 'ibles


9 years ago

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11 years ago on Introduction

Cool idea! I'll add that to the list of cheapo instant strap locks: bread bag clips and Grolsch beer clip-style cap washers.


12 years ago on Introduction

A lazy / cheapo ible... use plastic bread bag clips.

Keep Rockin !