Introduction: Easy Hammock Knot 2.0 - Easiest Instant Hammock Ever!

There are many ways to make an improvised hammock without having to sew, and this is the way I came up with.

I didn't like that most methods out there use a knot on the fabric to keep the rope from sliding off. so after giving it some thought, I came up with the sheet bend method.

You can use rope or webbing to tie to the fabric, and you can use any bed sheet or fabric.

The recommended fabric to use, and the best by far, is RipStop Nylon.

Use only Climbing grade rope and webbing. REI is a good supplier for both.

If you use a normal bed sheet, it should be used only in a pinch, for a temporary hammock, because a bed sheet will rip without warning in time -- Don't ask me how I know this!

Please watch the different videos (one for each instructable step). They are short, straight-forward and with no blabbing... Even the hearing impared can watch them as they have no dialog.

I hope this helps you make a quick, easy, simple and strong hammock, either temporary, or permanent.

Now, for an even better hammock, that's not instant like this one, please see myHigh Tech Hammock - Best Hammock Ever!

WARNING: As always, I will not be held responsible for any damage on your person or property if you make it wrong, or if you do land on your butt, for any reason. Make these at your own rist and use common sense.

Step 1: Make a Rope Loop of Rope or Webbing

We will use either a Loop of Rope made with a Double Fisherman's Knot, or Webbing. These videos show different methods, so use the one you like best.

The secod video shows how use a loop at the end of a long rope, but you can also make a loop with your preffered knot, (like a Figure 8 on a Bite, or any other strong, non-slipping knot).

You can make the same loop with a Watter Knot on yor Suspension Webbing, as seen iin the third video.

Step 2: Version One, Using Rope

This video shows how to make the Easy Hammock using a loop of rope that was made with the Double Fisherman's Loop in step 1.

Step 3: Using Standard Size Webbing

This video shows you how to make an Easy Hammock using 1" wide Tubular Webbing.

Note: Use only Climbing/Military Spec Webbing. Do not use cheap webbing from your local fabric store... REI is a good supplier.

Step 4: Full Setup - Using Ripstop and Webbing

This video shows how to make an Easy Hammock using 9/16" Tubular Webbing which is lighter and much easier to use than both rope or 1" webbing.

This is my preffered method aside from my "High Tech Hammock," which uses a bit more complicated process.

Please visit my hammock webpage and youtube channel for a ton of free videos and more info.

Step 5: Connecting to the Suspension Webbing