Introduction: Easy Hand-Made Pattern Tile for Print

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Hello! This is my first Instructable, so some tweaks might be needed, please bear with me :)

This is a very simple hand-made pattern that can be tiled. This type of work always reminds me of a very simple, abstract version of programming, making it easier to visualize repetition and rules.

I'm an industrial designer / animator - so in no way can I claim that I am a programmer :) But the way of thinking has some similarities in my opinion.

So my criteria were as follows when designing this pattern:

-Use simple stuff that can be found in every home

-Use only one type of geometry (in this case, a line)

-Make tileable, visually pleasing patterns with as little number of units as possible.

-Make sure that crosses and lines alternate in a certain way.

This pattern can be used for many things. I like the hand-made aesthetic. I will try this with a printing instructable later.

So please enjoy! Any feedback is always welcome :) Cheers

Step 1: List of Supplies

Square note papers in various colors (I used four colours for four different tiles)

A pen of any color - black, in my case

A pencil for guide lines

A pair of scissors

Eraser for erasing guidelines after finishing

Scrap paper for trying out

Step 2: Try Out the Pattern

Since my criteria were:

-to make the pattern tileable,

-to use only one type of line,

-to use 3x3 units in each square,

-to make sure that diagonal crosses and straight crosses do not come together,

-to make sure that horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines were alternated with respect to the crosses,

-to make sure minimum amount of tiles were created for a look with variety, that is not too monotonous;

I had to try out a couple of patterns on a scrap paper. For easier trying, you could cut 2x2 patterns and move around.

You could, of course create your own criteria and apply to your own pattern.

Maybe could be a good idea to protect your table with an extra sheet of paper ;)

Step 3: Draw the Guides for the Originals

Now it's time for the original pattern!

Fold the note paper into four squares, open up again (no need to crease very hard - just create soft lines). Draw your guidelines with a pencil. I divided each square into 3x3 units. That is relatively easy to eyeball when you have the crease lines.

You could also add in the guides for each individual shape at this point to make sure they sit nicely in their respective little squares :) We'll erase the guides later.

Step 4: Draw the Original Patterns

Draw the original shapes of the patterns onto the guides. Erase any unwanted guideline after.

Step 5: Draw the Other Original Patterns

For each different pattern, I used a different color of note paper. This one consists of two repeating tiles. These can be repeated infinitely.

Step 6: More Patterns :)

Here, for even more variety, I drew two more slightly different patterns on different colors of paper.

See how this is like programming?

My next Instructable could be making a print stamp using these patterns with simple materials that can be found at home.

Hope you enjoyed this - please feel free to leave any feedback. I will try to adjust it for clarity etc. as needed.

Enjoy your Do it Yourself fever ;)

Cheers, Meriç