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Be the envy of your fanclub with this remarkable scarf. I can not take all of the credit for this for me bestest pal Jake or SIRJAKEOFCAMELOT taught me how to do this. He taught me how to do a scarf and I thought out the whole Harry Potter connection...THANK YOU JAKE!!!

Step 1: Supplies!

1.Two house coloured yarn. I cose to support goog ole Godrick
2.Tape, Duct is best

Step 2: Straws

get an even amout of straws depending on how thick you want your scarf. I did eight you might want to do anly six. It is important that you only use an even number of straws. cut off the bendy part if they have it.

Step 3: Start Your Engines

Measure out how long you want your scarf to be by wrapping a piece of yarn around you about how long you want it to be, then add about four more inches on to it and cut. line up the newly cut piece of yarn with eight more, or six more or however many straws thick your scarf is.

Step 4: String It Throught

take your piece of yarn and string it through your straws. Tape it on the other end like in the picture

Step 5: Time to Start Weaving

this helps if you have a basic knowledge of how to weave. If you don't it goes like this. UNDER OVER UNDER OVER UNDER OVER BAAAAACK the same thing. Take a new piece of yarn (still not cut)and tie it to one of the end straws. then go over under back. Youll see if you look in the picture.

Step 6: How to Make Sections

to make sections of different colors is easy. just weave on the straws and kinda scruntch it together. Make the section about five inches long. But since i am MUCH to lazy to do that I just used my wallet as a ruler. Then just tie off the first tie on another piece and start over! JUST LIKE PIE! (when it gets to long for the straws just push it onto the yarn)

Step 7: Keep It Up!!


Step 8: Finish

when you are all done (FINALLY) pull out the straws and tie the scarf off at both ends, and cut it off.

Step 9: STYLE IT!!

no need for words.

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