Easy Heat Gun Step Ladder Holster




Introduction: Easy Heat Gun Step Ladder Holster

Winter finally arrived in the Midwest and all the winterizing and weather sealing I put off after moving to this old house in the fall, I let go in the extended warm weather we had into December. It caught up as soon as subzero wind chills moved in to town. Not even all of my tools are unpacked so this build worked with just what was available in the haphazard utility room workshop-to-be.

I'm busy putting shrink film over leaky windows and kept setting my scorching hot heat gun on the step ladder between window applications. Resting it on counter tops or on tool boxes isn't any more promising of it staying put or of my kids not accidentally bumping it or me knocking it onto the floor.

I took a break from one set of windows and went to the utility room to look through my junk drawers of spare parts to build some sort of holder for my heat gun. This was the quick solution that's made the rest of my day's work much easier.

Step 1: Parts & Tools Used

Nothing complicated for this simple holder.

  • Metal pipe hanger tape, usually in the plumbing section of your favorite hardware store. I had some left from previous projects at my former house.
  • Conduit hanger clamp - choose one that fits your ladder or bolt it to an A clamp then hang it anywhere you like! This one travels on my step ladder, your mileage may vary.
  • Small bolts & nuts in the junk drawer
  • Trusty linesman pliers for bending metal strap
  • Side cut wire cutters - tin snips would work better but they were still packed away
  • Screwdriver (not pictured) to tighten bolts
  • Marker of choice to note length and mark the cuts

Step 2: Get Fit

This isn't a precise build, just unroll some strap and mark off where enough overlaps to run a bolt through.

First I found a place where the conduit clamp could mount to the step ladder and not prevent it from folding up

Next I made a large loop for the midsection of the heat gun to rest against. This alone didn't provide enough stability to keep the gun from rotating and falling out so I continued building.

NOTE - These are just the tools I had nearby when I got the idea, and lucked out that the first place I looked had suitable fasteners. Tin snips would probably cut through the strap easier, a file would make the cuts smoother. I just bent back some overlap and crushed it down with my beat to death pliers.

I made a loop for the hot end of the gun to align with when in the holster and ran a straight piece of strap from the large to small loops to connect them with small short bolts.

Once tightened up I fit it on the gun before bolting on the conduit clamp. The gun is easy to remove for use and easy to return when done.

Step 3: Get Back to Work

I set the conduit clamp in place, tightened things up, and went back to sealing windows - and you can too!

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    7 years ago

    This' A Great Idea! I Made One To Fit My 18v Cordless Thank You


    7 years ago

    Much thanks. An upgrade after posting is to add a wing nut to the conduit clamp for quicker attachment & removal.


    7 years ago

    this is a neat idea! thank you for sharing!


    7 years ago

    I like that idea for a benchtop gun rest too, thanks.