Introduction: Easy High - Speed Photography

A simple way to take high speed photographs without an assistant or remote release.

Step 1: Gear

You will need
•A dslr or similar
•A cup or container
•A tripod
•A surface
•A liquid (water looks great)
•An eyedropper

Step 2: Setup

Put the camera on the tripod and set the container full of liquid on a chair or table. Make sure your lighting is adequate and set the shutter speed to over a 1/1000th of a second in manual mode. Choose a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field and set the camera to shoot a burst of photos after 10 seconds (this is with a canon camera in mind, so I am sorry If this really isn't helping). Compose your shot and focus in manual mode roughly halfway along the depth of your container.

Step 3: Shoot!

Click the shutter and run into position. Quickly suck up some water into the eyedropper and as soon as the camera starts taking photos, gently drop water into the container. Repeat until you are happy with the results.

Step 4: Edit

Edit the photos and you are done!!!