Introduction: Easy High Voltage Power Supply

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This Instructable will walk you through making a High Voltage Power supply .

Before attempting this project, be aware of some simple Safety Precautions.

1. Always Wear electrical gloves when handling the High Voltage Power supply.

2. The Voltage produced by this Power Supply can be lethal. So it is advisable to keep one hand in your pocket,or behind you while using it.(especially if you ignored Precaution #1).

3. Flyback transformers tend to hold charge for days after powered off, so always make sure to discharge(mentioned later on) it before touching the output wires.

Finally,i am not responsible for whatever damage(if caused) by this project to you.


Step 1: Gather the Materials


1. Flyback Transformer

You can get this from any CRT TV or Monitor.Be careful while removing it,as it can hold a charge for days after it is powered off.(precaution #3)

Alternatively,you can also buy it online, but it is rather expensive.(at least 20$)

2. Electronic Ballast

you can get this in a traditional tube light set.

You can also buy this online ,but make sure it is suitable for your country's power outlet.

3. Electrical plug with wire

you need this to connect your power supply to the power outlet of your house.

you can make one with a plug head and some wire,or buy it online.

4.Electrical tape(black and yellow)

you need colored tape only for the decoration part, but you need to have it for insulation.


1.Soldering Iron

you may be able to manage without one,but it is highly recommended.

2. Multimeter

You need to be able to measure resistance to find out the primary coil of your flyback transformer.

3.Wire strippers and other common tools

you will need some common tools like screwdrivers and pliers.

Step 2: Identification


*If you can get a Datasheet for you flyback transformer,it will have the pin out.


To find the datasheet, you need to know the part number. It may be written on the transformer or even in the service manuals of the device you acquired it from.

*If you couldn't find a datasheet for your transformer you have to identify the pins manually,by following the steps given below.

-The High Voltage output positive wire will be connected to a suction cup.You can keep it, but i chose cut it off.

-The HV output ground(negative) will be found later on.

-You need to find the Primary coil of the transformer. For this measure the resistance between every two consecutive pins. The pair of pins with the resistance closest to 1 ohm are the two ends of the primary coil.

Refer to a YouTube Video If you are confused. There are quite a few dedicated to this topic.


You need to open the ballast to get two of the four output wires that are not connected to a capacitor. Refer to the images.

Step 3: Connecting Them All Together

The two wires in the ballast that don't go to the capacitor are connected to the primary coil of the flyback. Connect the plug and wire to the input of the ballast. Polarity doesn't matter as it is AC. Make sure to insulate the connections from each other and from you.

Step 4: Finding the Negative(ground) Pin

Once all the connections are made, wear your gloves and boots,then power it up. It is normal for the ballast to create a small whirring sound.

-Use pliers to carefully move the HV+ wire near all the pins of the flyback, except the primary coil pins.

-The negative pin and the Positive wire will create electric arcs.

-Disconnect it from the wall outlet, then touch the HV+ wire to the negative pin to DISCHARGE the flyback.

-Now,it is safe to touch.

-Solder a thick wire to the negative pin for easier access to it.

-High quality wire is recommended to prevent any leaks.(High voltage of electricity can get through low quality rubber and plastic)

Step 5: Encasing and Decoration

Choose a good box that can accommodate both the ballast and the transformer.

-Avoid using a metal box for electrical projects

I chose a cardboard box that could fit both the ballast and the flyback. Then, i used black and yellow electrical tape to make the Eye-catching design. To make it, start with black tape from one corner of a side(of the box) to the other. Then use yellow tape along the edge of the black one on both of it's(black tape's) sides. Then continue using alternative colors of tape. Once you get to the edge of one side,continue to the other with the same strip for better results.

You can make holes in the box for the wires, but i jut brought them out through the corners.

I also had an extra wire in my transformer,which i guess goes to the high voltage capacitor that is built into my transformer. You should have only three wires coming out of the box, the HV+,HV- and the power input(that goes to the wall outlet).

HERE is the link to the video shown above.

You can use a high voltage power supply for various other projects like a Jacob's ladder or a Tesla coil.