Introduction: Easy Hogographic Projector

Here is an easy way to make simple holographic projector for smart mobile phone.

I was inspired by the work of mikroGanesh and made this simple and modified projector.

Step 1: You Need:

1> Transparent sheet

2> Cardboard/thick paper

3> Smart Phone

4> drawing tools like ruler, drawing compass, pen etc.

5> Glue and cello tape

Step 2: Make a Square Pyramid Using the Transparent Sheet

Draw the template on a transparent sheet ( follow the below video instruction). It is the template of a square pyramid of base side length 7cm consisting of only 4 sidewall w/o base. Cut it using a scissor along the outer line. Fold along the 3 folded line. After three fold the pyramid will be completed. Stick the two end edges using a cello tape. The template is such that the top apex was cut to give it a flat top.

Step 3: CardBoad Base

Have a square 7cm x 7cm cardboard and cut it like X

Step 4: Glue the Pyramid With Base

Glue the Pyramid upside down with the base

Step 5: Place It on Top of Smart Phone to See the Holographic Video

download some holographic video from youtube and place the pyramid as shown. There will be 4 images. Each lateral side of the pyramid should face to each image.

Step 6: Enjoy the Hologram

Increase the brightness of the phone screen, dim the light and enjoy the 3D holographic image/video from side.

Step 7: Step by Step Video Instruction

Step 8: For More Project Watch