Introduction: Easy Holiday Wreath.

Hello! So as we enter fall and the upcoming holiday season I decided to make some decorations of my own as opposed to searching for the perfect ones. Homemade wreaths are becoming a very popular topic, they are simple to make, supplies are pretty inexpensive, and you can make them for any holiday or occasion. So I decided why not share the simple and quick way that I have learned to make these wreaths!

Step 1: Gathering Your Supplies.

The first thing to do is gather your supplies. Depending on how creative you are you can use pretty much anything to create these wreaths! Finding supplies is very easy as well, I used Walmart, Dollar Tree, and a few different craft stores to find what I wanted. Now, remember these are items I wanted for my specific wreath and I didn't use all of them, you can use anything you would like!

List of Supplies:

  • Colored Ribbon.
  • Mesh tubing.
  • A plaque or centerpiece.
  • Eyeball ornaments.
  • Fake flowers.
  • Sticks with bug figures.
  • Pipe cleaners (I used regular ones and tinsel ones)
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Wreath ring.
  • Wreath Hanger.

Step 2: Fastening Pipe Cleaners.

The first thing you are going to do is pick your pipe cleaners, any color is fine really because at the end you won't be able to see them. The main purpose of the pipe cleaners is that they will hold the majority of the decorations on the wreath itself. Most wreath rings have four different rings on it so here is how we use them.

  1. Take a pipe cleaner and loop it under the outer two rings.
  2. Pull it as tight as you can and twist the pipe cleaner together.
  3. Repeat this while alternating between the two outer rings and then the two inner rings.

Since I had a smaller ring I did three pipe cleaners per section, the amount per section just depends on the size of the ring you decide to use. Make sure to have them tight! As tight as you can so they don't move around later.

Step 3: Adding Your Ribbon.

Now you want to take your mesh ribbon, this is what makes your wreath look full and big, and start cutting them into sections about nine inches long. You can do this part in many different ways but I used all three colors each time, you can always use longer sections to make them appear thicker and use fewer colors.

  1. Cut your ribbons into nine-inch sections, I recommend cutting them all at once.
  2. Roll up your base color, I roll it up looser and thicker than the two top colors.
  3. Place your first color in between the two pipe cleaners.
  4. Now roll up your other two and place them on top of the base color.
  5. While keeping the three together and pinching them down twist the pipe cleaner together to fasten them down.

Step 4: Using the Mesh Tubing.

This step may seem quite simple but it can be very tricky so it takes some patience! The mesh tubing is very light and flexible material that has some spring to it so it can slip away from you easily.

  1. Take your mesh tubing and make two big loops as well as two small loops, making it into a bow of some sorts.
  2. Trim off the excess of the tubing.
  3. While holding your "bow" together place it on top of your fastened down ribbon.
  4. Twist the pipe cleaner together to hold the tubing in place, this is usually the hardest part and the bow will try and come undone if you need to you can use your hot glue gun in this step.
  5. Do this all the way around the wreath on all the ribbons, I used two colors and alternated between them but you can do whatever pleases you.

Step 5: Extra Decorations and Trimming.

This is probably one of the best steps because you get to add some pretty cool things! I bought little decorations that go along with Halloween so I had some options to choose from. Now you can choose a little plaque or something of that variety to suspend in the hole in the center for a centerpiece, floral wire is good for this. I chose to add more decorations to the outside, the following steps will pertain to the specific decorations I chose but they should help you in whatever you use.

  1. Pick your decorations, I chose my fake flowers and the sticks with bugs.
  2. Trim them to a size that works for you. (Cut the stems shorter so they don't stick out of the wreath)
  3. Choose where you would like to place them on your wreath.
  4. Attach them to the wreath, I used the hot glue gun to attach it to a pipe cleaner bent the way I wanted it to be.
  5. Trim your extra pipe cleaners as close to the twisted part as you can or tuck them around the ribbons to hide them.
  6. Hook your wreath on the hanger and enjoy!

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