Introduction: Easy Home Made Hanger Scale

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Want to explain the scientific method to children? Helping the understand concepts like weight with numbers in an easy to do activity that you can do together will help re enforce their learnings at school.

Or perhaps you're homeschooling? This easy toy scale is fun and can be made together in 3 easy steps!

With this hanger scale, you can compare different weight of various objects and help explain concepts like less than and greater than, heavy vs light and what different measurement units mean.

Items you'll need

These items can easily be bought at a $1 store, Target, Walmart, Duane Reade, CVS, Michael's etc...

  • Two small gift boxes of equal size (can also use egg cartons just cut out the egg cups).
  • A hangler.
  • Two pieces of ribbon.
  • A stapler and some glue (or tape)

Step 1: Measure Twice - Cut Once!

Take the piece of ribbon and cut two equal length piece in about 6 inches length.

Step 2: Staple the Ribbon

Staple each end of each ribbon to either side of the box(or egg carton).

Repeat the same with the second box.

Step 3: Wrapping Up

If using a clip-less hanger, hang the ribbon loops over it into its grooves. Alternatively, can clip the ribbon onto the hanger using the clips.

The boxes should hang on either side like a balance scale so that two items can be weighed at the same time.

Try anging from a nail in the wall, a toilet paper stand, or maybe even a door knob. Just make sure you're not weighing items that may be too heavy!

You're done! How easy was that? Kids will love it!