Introduction: Easy Hovering Mint Container Drone

This instructable is a very easy and to be quite frank, crude way to make a "drone" with emphasis on the quotations. This isn't meant to be a permanent or trustworthy method, it's meant for people who want to have a little fun in their spare time with the stuff they have lying around. After this you can brag to your friends that you made a mint box fly! So... hope you all enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

1. 1 - Mini Mint container

2. 8 - 6 volt batteries (approx $8 each)

3. 12 - Gator clip leads (4 red, 4 black, 4 white)

4. 4 - 3in. x 3in. any type of lightweight plastic

5. 4 - 6 volt DC motors

6. 4 - plastic propellers that fit onto the motor


1. Super Glue

2. Drill (if you don't have a drill you could use a razor or an x-acto knife)

3. Pencil/Pen

4. Ruler

Step 2: Attach Motors to the Container

1. Measure the circumference of the base of the motor.

2. Cut a hole, with either a drill or an x-acto knife, (be careful!) into one piece of plastic, cut it the size of the circumference you measured.

3. Cut around the hole to make it look like the first image above. (I used a laser cutting machine for ease, you don't NEED to but i wanted the finished product to look as good as possible for the instructable.) Repeat 3 more times.

4. Insert the motors into the middle hole on each finished piece and use super glue to seal it in place.

5. Attach the plastic propellers to the motors.

6. Attach plastic part to the Altoids container as it is shown above.

Step 3: Attach Motors to Batteries

I emphasize for this step what I said in the beginning about the crudeness of this, and in a way it's meant to be because this is aiming toward people who are at home and have a tight budget and just want to do something fun.

1. First you need to connect the batteries into pairs of two's shown in the first image above. Using the white gator clip attach one end to the positive connector on one battery and the negative connector on the other, then attach the red gator clip to the remaining positive connector and the black clip to the remaining negative connector. Do this with all of the batteries so that there are 4 pairs. It should end up looking something like the second picture above.

2. (you probably will need a second person for this step.) while one person holds the propeller, attach the red clip to the red wire coming from the motor, and the black clip to the black/blue wire coming from the motor. Make sure the person does not let go of the propeller if you don't want the whole thing going berserk. repeat with all of the motors, and then count down from 3 with the other person and release! Hooray you now have your very own flying Altoids container!

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