Easy! Inexpensive! Paper! Plant Decorations!




Introduction: Easy! Inexpensive! Paper! Plant Decorations!

So easy! If I can do it, anyone can!

Step 1: Easy! Inexpensive! Paper! Plant Decorations!

Do you need to make table centerpieces for an event? Do you
have a tight budget? Do you have limited time? Look no further! You can make a paper plant for less than a dollar (that is for the tissue part, the rest of the cost depends on the pot you choose) and in about 10 minutes each!

Step 2: You Will Only Need a Few Items!

You will only need a few items to pull this off! The
main two items are tissue paper and a pot. I purchased both on a popular website. The tissue paper came in a flat pack of 480 sheets (wrinkle-free) for about $40.00 and the pots I purchased were $22.00 for 15 pots. You will also need a string of some sort (I used twine), scissors, a cutting mat, rolling cutter, and a yard stick.

Step 3:

First, you will need 10 sheets of tissue paper per flower. Cut your tissue paper into a square. I cut mine to be 20" x 20". I stacked my paper and used a rolling cutter, yardstick, and mat. This worked like a charm.

Step 4:

Next, do the accordion fold and then use your string to tie it in the middle. After that, just fold the whole thing in half.

Step 5:

Now, just take your scissors and cut a point, or round off the ends. This part is a little tricky if you don't have heavy duty scissors. If the paper is too thick for you to cut through, you can go back a step and cut the tips of the tissue using less of the sheets before you tie it in the middle. (Then just re-stack the 10 sheets before you tie them together in the middle.)

Step 6:

Now the fun part! This is where the magic happens! You are going to open your "fan" and carefully (and I mean carefully) separate each piece of paper. Pull gently upwards. Make sure you work evenly from one side (of the string) to the other, that way your plant will stay symmetrical.

Step 7: Final

Now, simply place your tissue on top of your plant pot for a wide, fluffy look. Another option is to stuff your tissue down into your pot to make it more secure. This will also make it a little tighter and a little less fluffy. A fun thing would also be to add this to a stick and make it more like a topiary... Have fun with it! These are fun, quick, easy, and inexpensive! They make a big statement. They would be cute for any party, package decorations, or even room decorations! You can do it!

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