Easy, Inexpensive Sun Jar

Introduction: Easy, Inexpensive Sun Jar

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This simple project requires very few parts. 1 Mason Jar with metal screw lid (I use spaghetti sauce jars - this one is an Atlas Mason); 1 $1.00 solar light (available almost anywhere); and 1 tube of liquid nails (you won't use much, so get the small tube).

Step 1: Easy, Inexpensive Sun Jar - Preparation

The first step is to arrange the required parts. To do this, disassemble the solar light by removing the top from the reflector globe and set aside, then unscrew the lid from the Mason Jar to prepare for drilling.

Step 2: Easy, Inexpensive Sun Jar - Drilling

Step 2 is to drill a hole in the center of the Mason Jar lid. For this I use my bench-top drill press to ensure a perfectly centered hole without ragged edges, and it allows me to hold the lid steady during drilling. I've found that a 5/16" bit is perfect for this project.

Step 3: Easy, Inexpensive Sun Jar - Assembly

The final assembly is simple. Screw the lid back onto the Mason Jar and set aside. Turn the solar light upside down so the solar grid is down and the bulb is up. Carefully run a bead of Liquid Nails around the rim of the solar light, being careful not to use an excess amount. Finally, place the solar light on the Mason Jar lid, inserting the LED bulb into the center hole, and press down, removing any excess adhesive with a clean damn towel or rag.

Step 4: Easy, Inexpensive Sun Jar

Allow an hour in a warm place for the adhesive to completely dry and, voila!, you have a solar Sun Jar to light your evening! You can make several to line a walk or a garden or they work well as night lights (just make sure they get plenty of sun during the day).

Step 5:

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