Easy Interchangable Fabric Dice Tray




Introduction: Easy Interchangable Fabric Dice Tray

Tired of your dice rolling off the table? This instructable is for an easy to make dice tray with an interchangable fabric surface so you can change the design whenever you want.


To make this project you will need:

  • A shadow box or other deep sided picture frame (I used a shadow box frame from Hobbycraft)
  • A sheet of self-adhesive felt
  • Fabric in the pattern and colour of your choice (I used swatches from Spoonflower)
  • A craft knife

Step 1: Take Apart the Picture Frame

Lets start by taking apart the picture frame.

Bend open the metal tabs on the back of the picture frame, and separate all the component parts of the frame.

There will likely be a glass cover to the frame - you will not need this for this project, so it can be reused or recycled.

You will be left with a frame outer (black), frame inner (wood) and the backboard.

Step 2: Add Felt to the Backboard

Next we are adding felt to the backboard, which will cushion the rolling surface of the dice tray.

First, cut out a square of felt slightly larger than the size of the backboard.

Lay the felt fuzzy side down and peel of the adhesive backing.

Carefully place the backboard down onto the adhesive side of the felt and press down to adhere. If the surface isn't completely smooth you can always peel back the felt and re-apply.

Using a craft knife carefully trim off the excess felt - leaving you with a perfectly felt covered backboard.

Step 3: Add Fabric Suface

Finally we will add the fabric that will be the rolling surface of the dice tray. This can be any fabric of your choosing, so is completely customisable.

Simply cut your fabric to be slightly larger than the backboard.

Take the frame outer and inner then on top place the face-down fabric and backboard. Push down into the frame and close into place using the metal tabs.

Step 4: The Finished Dice Tray

And thats it - you have now made a cushioned fabric dice tray.

Since we didn't adhere down the fabric surface, if you want to change the design of the tray simply open up the back of the frame and replace with a different fabric design.

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