Introduction: Easy Keyboard Hanger

This project is a nice easy one that you can complete in an afternoon. And a great starting project for wood burning if you're a beginner (like me!)

What you'll need:

  • Wood burning tool (local hardware store $25-$35 for a cheap one)
  • Timber board (you can use anything spare from other projects or a nice feature piece)
  • Hooks (3 or 4 will do nicely, these are cheap and available from your local hardware store too)
  • Designs (The fun bit)
  • Varnish/stain (optional)

Step 1: Planning

Work out what size key board you need (grab the tape measure if needed), I had some spare pine that I wanted to use so I just made sure that it would fit in the space. You can use any type of timber you would like; of course.

Cut the board to size and then plan what you want to go on it. For this one I wanted at least 3 good hooks for the main key holders and a couple of smaller ones for those loose keys that are needed around the house.

Google time: Jump onto the internet and look for some simple designs to go on your board. I wanted mine to be a key theme (seemed appropriate) and free hand drew the design onto the board.

Step 2: Burning

There are loads of instructables on using wood burning tools. The basics are this:

  1. Wait for it to heat up before starting
  2. Have as crap piece of wood for practicing
  3. Work slowly

Step 3: Hooks

These hooks twist in by hand and are really easy.

There are heaps of hooks like these you can buy for cheap from hardware stores.

Step 4: All Done

I decided I didn't need to varnish or stain this one, it is nice as it is. But a simple coat of varnish would come up great if you wanted to go the extra effort.

I chose to put a simple hanger attachment to the top of the board so I could just hang it on the wall from the existing hook.

A board like this could be fixed with double sided tape easy enough.

Now to enjoy hanging keys off all the hook options and no longer using the one crowded hook for 3+ sets of keys.