Easy Keyboard Shortcuts

Introduction: Easy Keyboard Shortcuts

About: Hey there! My name is Alex and I like to make things out of nothing and teach them to you guys. I have a youtube channel named DIYwithAlex where I show step by step instructions on how to make the DIY project …

Hey guys! In todays instructable, you guys can learn 6 easy keyboard shortcuts, specifically for a mac on google drive. These shortcuts are easy, fast, and efficient that I personally use all the time. Some of these are common shortcuts, while others might be ones you haven't ever seen before. I made a youtube video on my channel DIYwithAlex so watch the video below to see these shortcuts along with examples of me using them.



Video Overview:

1. Copy and Paste

Copy - Command + c (highlighted words)

Paste - Command + v (highlighted words)

2. Word count

command + shift + c

3. Highlight

command + a

4. Italicized, Underline, Bold

Command + I - Italicized

Command + u - underlind

command + b - bold

5. Exit Window

command + w

6. Special Characters

option + command ...

p - pi symbol

y - yen symbol

/ - division sign

x - about equal sign

; - ellipses (...)

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