Easy Kitchen Gnat Trap




Introduction: Easy Kitchen Gnat Trap

This is a simple gnat trap that anyone can make out of basic household items.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

Materials I used were:

- a pint glass
- balsamic vinegar
- masking tape
- a piece of notebook paper

Alternative materials:

- any large glass
- apple cider vinegar
- any type of tape
- any type of paper or thin cardboard

Step 2: Make the Cone

Roll a piece of paper into a cone. Make sure that the hole on the bottom is big enough for a gnat to fit through, but not much bigger. The big end of the cone needs to be able to rest on the rim of the glass and still leave about two inches of clearance to the bottom.

Step 3: Add the Bait

Pour balsamic vinegar into the glass until it's about 3/4" deep.

Step 4: Assemble the Trap

Place the cone into the glass so that the bottom is centered over the vinegar. Gently tape the edges to the outside rim of the glass so that there is no escape route.

Step 5: Wait

The gnats smell the vinegar and fly into the large end of the cone. Their investigation leads them down to the bottom and through the tiny hole. Once inside, they can't figure out how to get out.

It took less than five minutes for my trap to start collecting critters. If you leave the thing alone, they will eventually fall into the vinegar and die. If you're the softie type (like me) you can take the trap outside every few hours and let the buggars fly free.

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7 years ago on Introduction

I just made this. I didn't have vinegar; so I used Terryaki Sauce. Those nasty bugs couldn't wait to get in! They were hovering around me the entire 5 minutes it took me to assemble it.
Thank you for posting this. I have high hopes that it will work!


I made one of these but instead of the paper cone, I used press n' seal wrap from Glad brand. Worked like a charm!!!!


8 years ago on Introduction

Hey, nice trick! I need to make one of these.

Glad you share this!