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Introduction: Easy LED Tester

Hi friends this is syed and this is my first instructables i have opened my instructables.com website is on 19th march 2013 from then i am the repentant of the website today i thought to start contributing to instructables :)

I am writing this instructable because i have got issue how to test a LED when we are building led cube ,where we have to test the leds before fixing in the cube ,we have every time we have to fix a resistor to LED and connect it to 9V battery or LED+Resistor to a five volts power source i.e; adaptor or 7805 regulator power

Step 1: Collecting Raw Materials

  1. Perf-Board - 1No (required size )
  2. 3.3V battery holder -1No
  3. hookup wires Red and green(P.S: that's your wish to remember polarities here i have used red for + and green for - )
  4. Berg Strip Female 5pins -2No (that's your wish to test no of LED's but the intensity goes down if you add more)
  5. 3.3V battery -1No
  6. LED's for testing

Step 2: Soldering the Board

We need a good soldering iron i use

  1. solderon 25W soldering iron
  2. soldering Led wire
  3. flux paste
  4. soldering stand
  5. desoldering wik

As per the frizing schematic we do the sodlering and the output can be seen in next step

Step 3: After Soldering

we can see the after soldering our project is ready to jump out testing 100's of LED's

PS: where MH stands for Maker's Hive (https://www.facebook.com/makershive/ ) where this project build

in next step we can see how the LED testing can be done

Step 4: Testing of Easy LED Tester

we can see now the Easy LED Tester is ready

we can test the LED's

it's very easy if the leads of led are short then it's easy to know it's working or not

it's very useful when you are dealing with large quantity of LED's (i.e; building cubes and LED Matrix )

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

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This is my first tutorial and please help me to win the contest

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2 years ago

But... what for? In the time I put the LED with both feet (that are not the same length) in the female headers I could just hold it to the battery...?


6 years ago

super project. Thanks for sharing.


Reply 6 years ago

thanks for reading :)


Reply 6 years ago

thanks ! i am first time author ! hope i wish to continue writing

thanks for support