Easy Lace Bralette

Introduction: Easy Lace Bralette

This is a very pretty DIY that requires just basic sewing skills and it does not even take long. Once you go through the steps,you will realize how ridiculously easy this is!

Step 1: You Need:

- A piece of good quality material that does not fray at the ends and is also slightly stretchy

- Ribbons of a matching color ( I chose velour because the color was richer in velour)

2.5cm wide ribbon for the underbust tie, 1cm wide ribbon for the neck ties

- Thread, in a matching color

- Needle

- Ball Pins

- Scissors

Step 2: Cut Your Cloth

Cut your cloth into two triangles of equal size, big enough to cover your breasts. To make it easier, you could use an existing triangle bikini top, place it on top of your cloth, and use it as an outline. Here, I just eyeballed it.

Next, cut your ribbons. For the underbust ribbon, measure around your underbust, then add as many inches as you would like, for tying.

For the neck ties, cut two pieces of equal length, as required by you.

Step 3: Pin the Ties to the Cloth

Place the cloth with the wrong side facing up, facing you. Place the ribbons on the cloth where you want it to go. Make sure these also have the wrong side up. Pin the ribbons securely to the cloth with the help of pins. Try this on, to make sure it fits right. Make any adjustments, as required.

Step 4:

Once you are happy with the fit, sew the ribbons onto the cloth. I used a running stitch for this, and stitched all along the edge of the waist ribbon.For the shoulder ties, I looped the ribbons through the cloth and stitched them together.

Step 5:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    this is super pretty and dainty! thanks for sharing this 'ible with us!