Introduction: Easy Leather Flask Holder


With Ren Fest 2k17 approaching I needed something to carry around some water. I know what flasks are traditionally used for, and I'm sure you would look pretty cool at a club with this dope leather flask holder, but I'm underage so the only thing it will be carrying is good old H2O.

I used the scraps from the Khal Drogo costume I made for my father to make this, so it didn't cost me a cents, and it only took a little over an hour to make.

Step 1: Materials

Leather scraps

Waxed thread



Step 2: Belt Loops

To start I cut out a rectangle of leather that was long and wide enough to fit both flasks comfortable. I flipped the leather over. Next I cut 3 strips of leather and draped them over my rectangle. These are going to be the belt loops that my Wing Harness will loop through. I used an exacto knife to poke holes into the leather, so that sewing would be easier.

Then I looped my waxed thread through the holes making a couple of stitches . I tied the end of the thread together when I was finished.

Step 3: Flask Carriage

I cut two more strips of leather for the front of the carrier. I used an exacto knife to poke holes in the leather.

Step 4: Threading

Then I used my needle and thread to stitch the two rectangles together. When I finished the first line of stitching I went back through the holes again creating a double stitch (or whatever it's called). Then I tied the two ends of the strings together.

Step 5: The Second Band

I put my flasks in the leather pouch and draped the other piece of leather over the two flasks so I could get an idea of where to stitch the divide (Pic 2 and 3). Then I stitched the sides of the leather together ( pic 4 ).

Step 6: All Done!

And she's finished. A sturdy pouch to carry my pint of water.

If you have any questions feel free to message me or comment below! Happy making:)

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