Easy Light Saber Using Old Bubbles Toy




Introduction: Easy Light Saber Using Old Bubbles Toy

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I think there are many who like Star wars because of the Light saber. At least I do.

I always wanted one, but was not available... now it is easily available, but I wanted to make it.....

So in this instructable, I will share how to recycle old toys and make one, with simple parts to get.

Step 1: What Do We Need ?

- Bubbles toys ( long tube ones )
- 9v battery
- led strip 50cm
- push button switch
- some wires
- paper tape
- GI wire ( hard metal wire )
- acrylic paint

- Soldering iron
- Wire cutter
- print brush

Step 2: The Battery ?

The biggest challenge I had was the battery SIZE. How to get inside the handle ?

I tried using 2 AA batteries but not enough space. So I fixed it at the buttom where I had just enough space to fit it.

Step 3: Led Strip Connection

I used a 60 SMD per meter led strip.

On a hard metallic wire, I secured led strip using some transparent tape.

The lead strip was now in a rigid and linear structure.

Solder +ve and - ve of the strip to a battery and a switch

Step 4: Handle Assembly

I used a small piece of pcb to solder buttom. This can be then fixed on the handle using a small screw

Place all the components carefully inside the handle and using paper tape cover the handle and battery

Step 5: Painting

There are many designs, based on characters....

I used grey arcylic paying as base color. then tried using a plastic sheet as stencil to make some designs.

The plastic sheet was to thin, the paint did not come out as I wanted.

Happy that my first attempt on stencil was a good learning

Step 6: Play Time !!!!!

I need to fix a way to scatter led light. may be will use butter/tracing paper ...

My kid was happy with this much, so I stopped here....

I took some photos him playing with light saber and setting exposure time as 2 s

Amazing results

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    Great job! Nice improvement to a classic toy. :)