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Introduction: (Easy) Light-Up Flower Pin

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Lights! Flowers! (Maker in) Action! Here's an easy way to make a light-up wearable flower for yourself or your favorite boo. Fake, real, something in between... whatever suits your (or their) fancy.

Alright, let's get started :)

Read Time: ~ 5 min

Build Time: ~ 30 min

Cost: <$5

Step 1: We'll Need Some Things, Like...

- One (1) LED (Light Emitting Diode)

I'd recommend a lil' 5mm or a gumdrop-size 1cm LED -- color of your choosing!

- One (1) Coin Cell Battery

- One (1) Coin Cell Battery Case

- One (1) Magnet

Decently strong -- fridge magnets should work just fine!

- Flower! Fabric, paper, real, or otherwise!

- Also, if you have a soldering iron, woo! Solder this beauty together w/ a lil' slide switch. If not, all good! There are many ways to make electrical connections.

Step 2: Connect the LED!

For folks comfy with circuits, check out the photo and have at it! For folks new to circuits, here is a detailed overview:

1. The LED has a longer leg and a shorter leg -- the longer leg connects to the positive side of the battery.*

2. Put the coin cell in the case (positive side facing up).

3. Touch the two LED legs to the two battery case leads to check that it lights up. If it doesn't light up one way, flip the LED around.

4. When you figure out the orientation,wrap (or solder) the LED legs around the battery case leads. Dab some hot glue over that pretty little thang.

5. My photo also shows a switch (because I wanted this to be a fancy gift for someone). If you add a slide switch, connect the middle leg to one of the battery case leads and the outside leg to the appropriate LED leg.

*Which side is positive, you ask?! Just look at the battery, one side will have a lil' "+" sign on it. The other side (or bottom) of the battery is the negative side.

Step 3: Find or Make a Flower!

The benefits of fake flowers:

- Keeps nature alive and outside;

- Lasts waaay longer

- Doesn't wilt on your face (or body, wherever you choose to wear this boss flower)

- Upcyclinggggg

Ok cool so I've made my point. You can use pretty much anything to make a flower (like, actually though), so get creative! I took some random translucent canvas fabric I had lying around and cut petals of different sizes, glued them in a circular layer, and voila! Art that mimics nature.

You do you :)

(but also make sure you can see the light through it)

Step 4: Glue That Thang!

Sooo yea just hot glue the coin cell + LED combo to your flower! Just be sure you can still remove the battery after all that hot gluing.

And maybe check how it looks a bit beforehand.

Or realize after and slowly pick off the hot glue.. whatever works.

Step 5: Magnetize That Thang!

Add your magnet! It's pretty straightforward -- the magnet will be attracted to the battery, so use it to pin the flower to your clothes and you're good to go!

Real quick tidbit of advice: Always keep fabric between the magnet and the battery (aka don't store the magnet on the battery 'cause it might ruin it).

Step 6: TaDa! Dazzle All the People.

Yea, that's right, you made a mothertruckin' light-up flower pin. Let's go rock this (or gift it to someone you love!).

If you liked this tutorial, check out more at: www.FoxBotIndustries.com :D

Happy making!

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