Introduction: Easy Like Sunday Morning.......Football Tailgate Dip

I got this easy to make spicy dip from an old co-worker in Washington D.C...thank you Mr. Alvin Cook :-)  This dip is fantastic and goes great w/tortilla chips.

Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredients are pretty simple:

-Jimmy Dean tube sausage 16 oz
-Cream Cheese 8 oz
-Salsa 16 0z
-Tortilla Chips.  

I like to use Tostitos Scoops, Philadelphia cream cheese and Pace Picante Salsa (Hot), but any brand will work.  I like my dip spicy so I always grab the hottest available sausage and salsa.

Step 2: Cookware

All you will need for cooking/making this dip is a skillet and crock pot.

Step 3: Step 1 - Heat the Skillet

Set a stove-top burner to medium-high and place skillet on the burner.  Add a little bit of cooking oil onto the skillet and wait until the skillet is hot enough before adding the sausage.

Step 4: Step 2 - Cook Sausage Thoroughly

Once the skillet is hot enough, open the Jimmy Dean sausage package and put the sausage into the skillet.  Please cook the sausage thoroughly.

Step 5: Step 3 - Soften Cream Cheese

Remove the cream cheese from packaging and place in a microwave safe container.  Set microwave to High for 1 minute, this will soften the cream cheese.

Step 6: Step 4 - Combine Ingredients Into Skillet

Combine the soften cream cheese and salsa with the sausage already in the skillet.

Step 7: Step 5 - Stir the Ingredients Together

Set the stove-top burner to medium and stir until all the ingredients are completely mixed together.

Step 8: Step 6 - Cooking in Crock-Pot

Once all the ingredients are mixed in together, transfer the dip into the crock pot and set to high.  Let the dip cook inside the crock pot for about 20-25 mins.  After 20-25 mins, set the crock pot to warm.

Step 9: Step 7 - Enjoy!

Time to enjoy the dip of your labor.  Scoop into a bowl and enjoy w/your favorite tortilla!