Introduction: Easy Lockpick Set - Kirby Grips

How to create an easy and cheap set of lock picks

Step 1: Straightining

Straighten then kirby grip completely

Step 2: Tention Wrench

Create a 1cm long 90degree thingy at one end to act as the tention wrench

Step 3: Half Diamond

Now you can make your pick. I made a half diamond but you can make it into a rake or a snake. Just make sure its thin and not thick.

Step 4: Twist

Twist (at the tention wrench side) a 90degree angle into the metal to make it easier to use it.

Step 5: Duplicate

Make two so that when you pick you can have a tention wrench and a pick. when you make your second, make sure the pick design is different so that you have a variety of picks.