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Introduction: Easy Log Store - Sleeper and Scaffold Construction

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I spent a while looking for the perfect log store that would be easy to build, looks great and wasn't too expensive, this log store ticks all those boxes. Previous to this my logs were just piled on pallets covered with tarpaulins, the whole area looks so much better for this project.

It can be made in a few hours with some basic tools and costs around £150 in materials (mainly on the cost of the sleepers)



  1. Screwdriver (with drill bits and screwdriver bits).
  2. Saw (preferably a circular saw but can be done with a hand saw).
  3. Angle grinder with cutting disc (optional if you cant get the scaffold pre-cut).


  1. 4 x Sleepers (size optional - my build was 200mm x 100mm x 2m).
  2. 4 x Scaffold poles (size optional - my build was 48mm dia x 500mm).
  3. 8 x Scaffold wall mounts (to fit scaffold - my build was 48mm dia).
  4. 32 x Screws (size 5 x 40-50mm - to fit scaffold wall mounts).
  5. 10 x Decking screws (250mm long).
  6. External wood glue.

Step 1: Sleepers - Base and Roof

The sleepers are the most important part of the build in order to keep the logs off the floor and sheltered from the elements.

  1. Have a good look over your sleepers and find the best surfaces to be 'on show'.
  2. Make a note of this and position your sleepers so the best side faces out.
  3. If applicable, measure the space that the sleepers will fit into.
  4. Mark the length (from step 3) onto the sleepers.
  5. Cut the sleepers to length using either a circular saw or hand saw (using the hand saw will mean you get an additional workout also!).

Step 2: Sleepers - Gluing and Screwing

Next we need to fasten the two sleepers together, we are doing this as the sleepers are not wide enough to cover the logs with one alone. If you can get sleepers wide enough to cover the length of your logs, then get these.

Tip - Work on 2 sleepers at a time

  1. Run external wood glue along the two faces that will be touching (and not on show).
  2. Spread this out, a small paint roller is ideal.
  3. Position the sleepers so the two glued faces are together.
  4. If you have clamp, clamp them together. If not, don't :).
  5. Mark the position of the 5 decking screws equally along one of the edges, opposite from the the glued edge (and the one not on show). For a 2m long sleeper these will be 200mm in from each edge and 400mm in between.
  6. Drill a pilot hole for your decking screw 50mm-100mm long. Try to keep these as straight as possible as they will determine the direction of your screws.
  7. Screw all 5 decking screws in turn, to hold the two sleepers together.

Repeat these steps on the remaining 2 sleepers.

Step 3: Scaffold Poles - Adding Height to the Log Store

The scaffold poles will determine the height of the log store, you have 3 options here. 1. Make as big as possible to fit as many logs as possible (just make sure it is not too high and therefore unstable), 2. Make it so it fits in a pre-determined space. 3. Make low enough so it can be used as a seating areas as well, this is what I did.

You can use any diameter of scaffold, I really like the aesthetics of 48mm diameter for this size log store.

If you can get the scaffold poles pre-cut to length, then get these. if not:

  1. If required, measure the space that your log store will fit in.
  2. Mark the height of the log store on the scaffold (remember to remove 200mm for the thickness of both sleepers. My log store used 500mm long scaffold poles).
  3. Cut these to length using a angle grinder and cutting disc (1mm slitting disc is ideal).

Repeat so you have 4 scaffold poles of the same length.

Step 4: Wall Mounts - Nearly Finished!

In order for us to fasten the sleepers to the scaffold we need some scaffold wall mounts, these need to be able to take the diameter of your scaffold, in my case these are for 48mm scaffold.

  1. Position the wall mounts just in from the edge of the corners of your sleepers, around a 10-20mm gap is ideal for this.
  2. Screw into place though the pre-determined holes on the wall mounts.

Repeat for all 8 wall mounts.

Simple, the wall mounts are done.

Step 5: Fastening Together

The sleepers can be quite heavy so I recommend fastening the log store together in it's final resting place.

  1. Position the 'base' sleepers of the log store on the floor, with the 'wall mount' side facing up.
  2. Place the 4 scaffold poles into the wall mounts.
  3. Lift the 'roof' sleepers onto scaffold poles (2 people are recommended for this), with the 'wall mount' side facing down and position on top of the scaffold poles.
  4. Tighten all the wall mount fastenings (often allen keys), to secure the scaffold.

The log store should now be safe and secure.

All done and dusted, fill with logs, leave logs to season for around 6 months and you're good to go!

Step 6: A More Light Hearted Video on the Same Project

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