Easy Long Hairstyle Using a Smoothing Iron




Introduction: Easy Long Hairstyle Using a Smoothing Iron

Here's a super easy to follow tutorial you can follow step by step, or even give it your own final touch(I'll be sure to let you know where you can get creative). So whip out those smoothing irons and let's get started!

Step 1: What You Need

The essentials:
1. A smoothing iron
2. Rat tail comb
3. Four clips
4. (Optional) finishing product

I'm using a 1 inch GHD eclipse straightener, but you can use any type of straightener as long as it's a 1 inch.

The purpose of a 1 inch smoothing iron is, it will give you more control if you decided to finish you style with curls, waves, or flipping the ends out.

Step 2: Parting and Sectioning Your Hair

With this hairstyle you can easily pick whichever part works best for you. For my model I will be using a side part.

After you pick your part begin to section you hair into four sections. Part the back of your head down the middle. You will section the sides of your head right behind your ear.

*If you choose a side part don't worry that you have more hair on one side versus the other.

Step 3: Begin Smoothing!

You will begin with your back two sections, use the combs height as a guide for your sections.

After you bring the hair down use your comb to help you smooth out the hair. The comb will help provide tension so that your smoothing iron can evenly straighten your hair.

When you reach the top of your ear you will merge your back sections with your front. At this point if you have chosen a side part you will finish the side of the head with lower end part.

Step 4: Details! Make It Your Own!

Here come the fun part!

For my model I will be curling the ends of her hair. This is where you can make it your own.

Just a few tips:
You can choose to leave the hair straight, flip out the ends, curl, or even give wave to ends, all with the smoothing iron.

Keep in mind you can do this on yourself, I'm using a model for photo purposes, just sweep your hair to front and sides when using the comb for sleek results.

Step 5: Volume or No Volume

If you don't want any volume continue to take down sections and smooth as usual, if you would like volume follow my lead.

For my model I only want slight volume so I am smoothing straight up, then out, and into the curl.
If you prefer higher volume, you will want to over direct the hair in the opposite direction it will lay. Smooth away from the direction it will lay, then bring back when you near the center and finish as desired.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

I used Paul Mitchell's Skinny Serum to add shine and separate the curls a bit.
The product has no hold, but I love the smell and shine it leaves.

You can add hairspray or any products you like to finish up your look.

Hope you enjoyed!

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