Easy Mask to Wear With Glasses




Introduction: Easy Mask to Wear With Glasses

Want a quick and easy mask for a masked ball or quick and easy costume, but wear glasses? Here is how to make it:

1. Lay your glasses lens down on the center of a piece of construction paper. You may want to let the lenses rest on a piece of fabric to avoid scratching. Trace around your glasses with a pen or pencil. Create a shape for your mask starting at the upper line of your glasses, including an area no thinner than 1/4” over the nosepiece. Extend the sides of your mask down below the bottom of your lenses and curving in under the lenses a little bit.

2. Cut out the template. While facing a mirror, slide the template behind your glasses, pulling the sides down along your temples so that the template is resting on the bridge of your nose and is held in place by the temples of your glasses. How does it look? Do the cheek pieces extend too far forward or not far enough? Do you need to cut more space around your eyes, or make that area smaller? Is the mask bumping into your ears? Decide what changes you need to make.

3.While still wearing the template, mark with a pencil or pen above and below the temple pieces a little in front of where the temples of your glasses first meet your face. Remove template. Cut small verticle slits at the points you marked on the sides of the mask. Push your glasses temples through the slits. Put the template back on. Is that comfortable? Change the position of the slits if you need to.

4.Trace your pattern onto the backside of your mask material. If you are using a glittery paper, it is a good idea to spray it lightly with hair spray before you cut out your mask. Cut out your pattern. Cut the slits.

5. Decorate your mask. I used silver fun-foam for one mask and gold sticker paper for the other. I carefully pulled back the edges of the backing paper of the sticker paper and placed the feathers along the edge of the mask, then pressed the backing paper back into place. All the materials for two masks, not including the construction paper I had at home, cost me just over $10.00.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm trying to find the nicest way to ask this but is this considered a mask? I'm going to a masquerade where we get a penalty for not wearing masks and am wondering since it doesn't fit what is normally considered a mask. U think I would be safe?