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Introduction: Easy Medible Chocolates

If you followed my instructable Easy and Foolproof Medibles with Cannabutter / Oil


You might be wondering what you can do with your new found oil. If you made butter, you can use it for all the things you might use butter with, like cookies or brownies, those are popular. I wanted to make chocolates, and thats one of the reasons that I used coconut oil.

Im a novice at this stuff, I do enjoy baking, but Im new to candy, and medibles. Ive found that its best to make candies that are too weak, than too strong. I made cookies that were way too strong because its hard to eat just one cookie. They may take upto two hours to notice the effects. Medibles tend to last a long time, if you take too much, then you may feel uncomfortable for a few hours. You can make your candies weaker, is by mixing it with other chocolate and by making small candies. If your candies are too weak, you just end up having to eat more candies per serving, and nobody ever argues with that.

Step 1: Start by Gathering Your Ingredients

Since I dont know what Im doing, I looked over the interwebs, and found a few examples and things looked simple enough. You need an oil, cocoa (powder, bars, whatever), and some kind of sweetener.
Honey seemed like a good ingredient, but it turned out that I was out of honey, but I did have powdered sugar.

If I had nice molds, then each one would be the same volume, and that would be best for keeping things consistent. Its nicer to have each candy the same size to keep dosage consistent, Maybe one day I will follow one of the instructables to make a nice silicone mold for chocolates. I have some small paper cups, and I used some butterscotch chips as a depth guild, more on that later.

You will need:

Medicated oil
Cocoa powder or bars

Vanilla extract


You can also add nuts, other chocolate, chcolate or other chips, candy (like toffee,...) or even spicy stuff like chill cayenne powder.

Originally, I was going to use butterscotch chips instead of swetener, but I ended up using both sugar and the chips!

You will also need a double boiler setup, I used a regular pot, and a small steel mixing bowl, chocolate molds or paper cups, and a sifter or screen strainer if you use powdered ingredients.

Step 2: Get Melted

You start by heating water in your pot, I start with hot water, and put the stove on a low temp, like 3. The water doenst need to boil, it just needs to heat up. The oil should melt pretty quickly but it may take a few minutes to get all liquidy.
Once your oil is liquefied, you can add your sweetener, if its a liquid or powder, it should mix fairly quickly, but you should make sure that its well mixed in, and stirred. If you use powdered sugar like I did, you can sift it to make it mix in better.
Now add your chocolate, if its powder, sift it for best results. It mixes in pretty quick. if you use block or bars, just be patient for a minute, it will melt and stir right in.

I thought it would be fun to add some mexian cocoa, (the kind you make the hot cocoa drink with), I started by crushing it in a vice to make it tiny quick melting pieces. Then I stirred it in with the rest of the chocolate.

I heated and stirred mine for a couple minutes, just to make sure everything was nicely mixed together.

You can adjust the amounts of various ingredients to suit your own tastes, but the basic formula seems to be:

1 part oil

1 part cocoa

1 part sweetener
some vanilla

In my case I used about 1/4 cup oil, 1/4 cup 100% unsweetened cacao, 1/4 cup powdered suger, a splash of vanilla. I also added 1 part (one round) mexican cocoa.

Step 3: Pour Into Cups or Molds

You dont really need the muffin pan, you can also just put them on a plate, or cutting board or serving tray.

Since I was using cups, I decided that each one should have some butterscotch chips. I found that 6 fit nicely in the bottom if each cup, so thats what I used. This also worked nicely as a depth gauge, to give me an idea of how full each cup was, while I was filling them. The goal is to fill each one the same amount.

This is the step that you can be creative, using fun molds, or adding ingredients like nuts or fruit, or spices. I used the mexican cocoa and it added a lot of texture, which is kind of fun, but I think I will leave it out next time. Maybe one time I will make some candied nuts, and put those in, or dried fruit.

I keep mine in the fridge, but you could also put them in the freezer, If you leave them out in room temperature, they may get kind of soft and melty. You can taste the cannabis in the candies, but you still may want to take precautions so that nobody accidentally eats these. Also, start with just one at a time, until you get to know how well they work.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I make "banana oreos" at home - two slices of banana with peanut butter in between and soak all this in melted chocolate. I think this one will do a great job, thank you.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    That sounds pretty tasty, If it turns out well, please consider sharing your reciple in an instructable or something.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Sure thing, my friend. I'm a bit on a diet now, but when I decide to take a rest i'll definitely make them. They really are tasty.