Introduction: Easy Minecraft Enderman Costume

Minecraft Enderman Mask

Approx. build time 15-30 minutes

Tools you’ll need for this project:

1 Small to Medium Sized Cardboard Box

1 Roll Black Duct Tape or Black Spray Paint

1 Roll White Duct Tape or White Spray Paint


Box Cutter or X-Acto Knife



Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: Box

Find a box that fits head well

Step 2: Fit

Rest box all the way down on head and mark box approx. 1″-2″ above shoulders

Step 3: Cut

Cut excess cardboard all the way around till the box rests on head without hitting shoulders (save this excess as it will be used inside to make a headband).

Step 4: Headband

Create headband by taping each corner like shown in the picture above.

Step 5: Fit Headband

Test fit the headband on head, it should be snug.

Step 6: Glue Headband

Glue Headband to inside top of box with hot glue

Step 7: Test Fit

Once glue dries, test fit on head and press down on the top of head for a snug fit. Make sure head moves box without touching shoulders.

Step 8: Mark & Measure for Eye Holes

With box on head, use a ruler to best measure to the center of eyes and mark, take box off head and draw a line on the box above and below the mark so that the cuts will be centered on the eyes.

Step 9: Cut Eye Holes

Cut rectangular eye holes out and test on head for visibility.

Step 10: Check Visibility

After initial cut I found the eye’s were too far apart so I had to cut them further toward the center in order to give good visibility.

Step 11: Wrap or Paint Box Black

Now its time to begin wrapping the box in Black Duct Tape. I started at the top and used strips that overlapped the edge by about 1″.

Step 12: Wrap Sides

Once the top is complete, begin wrapping sides using roll of duct tape, cut each row and start next row to keep lines even.

Step 13: Complete Wrap & Cut Out Eye Holes

Complete entire wrap, then cut out eye holes with x-acto knife or box cutter using an X from corner to corner of eyeholes allowing you to push tape into eye holes for a cleaner look.

Step 14: White Duct Tape or Paint

Center white strip of duct tape on eye hole and place to edge of mask on each side.

Step 15: Cut Eye Holes

Once again cut eye holes in X pattern and push tape into eye holes.

Step 16: Finish Mask

Your mask is complete check final fit and finish on child’s head and make any necessary adjustments.

Step 17: Complete the Costume

Round out your Minecraft Enderman costume with a black long sleeve shirt, black pants, black shoes, and black gloves, and enjoy your DIY Minecraft costume!

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