Introduction: Easy Mini Drill Press

I was looking for an easy mini drill press for drilling PCB for example. So i went to the web to find that.

I didn't found exactly what i wanted in DIY projects or shop so i built this :)

This press is strong, accurate and not expensive !

Step 1: Materials

Tools needed:

  • Drill
  • Jigsaw

  • Ruler and pencil

Materials (25$ if you already have the mini drill):

  • MDF Wood (thickness 1.8cm 0.708") 5$

  • Drawer slides (i used 20cm 7.87" one) 7$

  • Mini drill like a Dremel or another one like mine 35$
  • Rubber band or spring 1$

  • Wood lever 2$
  • Hose clamps (mine were Ø5cm-17.5cm Ø1.97"-6.89") 5$

  • Wood glue 3$
  • Screw 2$

Step 2: Cut Your MDF Parts

As you can see on the picture, you need two parts for the left and right side, one part for the bottom and two parts for holding the drawers slides.

  • Refer to the picture to have the dimensions and with the ruler and pencil, draw the parts.
  • Now, with the Jigsaw you can cut the MDF.

Step 3: Attach the Mini Drill

  • In one of the 3.94" x 9.45" (10cm x 24cm) part, you have to drill 4 long holes to the hose clamps.
  • Put your mini drill on the MDF part and center it well. With your pencil, draw the holes and then drill them like on the picture. (I can't tell you the dimensions as it reports to your mini drill form)
  • Now that you have 4 holes in the MDF part, attach the mini drill with the hose clamps. Be sure that the hose clamps are flat on the reverse side.

Step 4: Time to Set the Parts Together !

  • Lay down the left and right side and align the back side (the other 3.94" x 9.45" part) correctly.
  • Once it's done, drill 4 holes for the screw (if you don't do that, the wood will break) and take a drawer slide for the spacing.
  • Now, put some wood glue, put the back part, the drawers slides and screw all together.

Step 5: Attach the Mini Drill to the Drawer Slides

It's the "hard" part.

  • You have to make 4 mark on the back of the mini drill part and to drill 4 small holes. You need those holes for the 4 mini screw to tie the drawer slides to the wood. Be sure to make a good alignment.
  • Once it's done, tight the 2 top screws.
  • Then, slide back and tight the 2 botom screws.

YATAA ! You have your mini drill press body and it slide well !

(Sorry for the yataa, i start again Heroes tv serie :D)

Step 6: Screw the Bottom Part

  • Now, take the bottom MDF part and align + center the body on a side with care. Draw lines with your pencil to mark the "feet".
  • Drill 4 holes in the bottom part where the feet are.
  • Use the tool (sorry, don't know his name) to hide the head of the screw in the wood.
  • Now, put some glue and screw the bottom part in the feet.

Step 7: Finishing Off

Now, you are altmost done.

To finish, we need 2 more additions: a lever and a mecanism to pull up the mini drill !

  • For the lever i used a wood stick like a spoon handle.
  • And to pull up the mini drill, waiting to receive some spring, i used some rubber bands from an old air chamber.

Here we go, now you have your nice & practical mini drill press DIY :)

Todo in the future list:

Add LED lights (i'm working on it)

Add a small vice to hold the PCB when drilling

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