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Introduction: Easy Mini Pretzel Dogs

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When I saw this recipe online I knew I had to make a few adjustments because of the puff pastry being used
So instead of using puff pastry, I used the easiest dough I could make, pizza dough
I then tried them out and they were delicious
These are great for parties or for those who dont like sharing them and believe me you won't want to share them
This is a quick and easy snack for those who are craving soft pretzels but have little time
These are great with ketchup and mustard but are just as good plain
I will definitely be making these again

Step 1: Ingredients

Uncooked hot dogs

Pizza dough ;homemade or storebought) I prefer homemade

1/4 cup baking soda

Sea salt

Pot of boiling water

1 egg beaten

And that's it

Step 2: Steps

Get your hot dogs out of the refrigerator and cut them however long you'd like, I like mine bite sized
Set them aside
Get your pizza dough out and tear off a small piece of dough
Flour your surface and roll out the dough or press it down with your fingers
Cut the dough into about one inch wide strips
Make sure they are long
Get a cut hot dog and roll a piece of pizza dough around it
Make a thin layer or pizza dough around the hot dog
Do this to all of the hot dog pieces
Get a pot and pour a generous amount of water
Bring the water to a simmering boil and add in a 1/4 cup of baking soda
The baking soda will bubble even more so wait for it to simmer down
Carefully place your dough wrapped hot dogs into the hot water and leave them in there for about a minute or longer if you would like more of a pretzel taste
Next carefull get them off the heat and set aside
Line a pan with wax paper or parchment
Make sure to grease it
Next get a spoon and carefully get the dough wrapped hot dogs onto the lined pan
If you would like, brush the tops of the dogs with egg wash and sprinkle a dash of salt
Bake the pretzel dogs until golden brown or for 15-20 on 350 degrees in the oven

Step 3: Results

These are very easy and delicious pretzel dogs
Not to mention take a short amount of time to make
A great snack for those soft pretzel lovers including me
I will definitely be making these again

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