Introduction: Easy Minion Oven-Glove

Hello Minion-Lovers out there!

Today I want to show you how to make your own Minion oven-glove!

It's really easy and you can make it for all your Minion-loving friends out there!

You should know how to use a needle, though...

Step 1: What You Will Need

First you will need the pattern... Which is included here.

Since the Minion it too big for DinA4, you will need to stick two papers together, fold them back to back and cut around the outline. Unfold your paper and voilà, here is your Minion-pattern.

Then you will need:

Yellow cloth (For the skin)

Blue cloth (for the pants)

White cloth (For the eye)

Black cloth (For the eye)

Thicker cloth(For keeping the heat out and the hand safe) -> Careful! No fleece, as I learned from nice Instructablers!!

A pen (For drawing your pattern onto the cloth)

Scissors (For cutting the cloth)

Pins (For fixing everything together)

A needle (For sewing)

Black thread (For sewing dark things)

Yellow thread (For sewing the main-body)

White thread (For sewing light things)

A ribbon in matching colour to the pants (For the pants)

A grey ribbon (For the glasses)

A black ribbon (For the glasses)

2 small buttons (For the pants)

Step 2: Time to Cut

First of all cut out your pattern!

You will need:

The full body with the eye cut out

The pants

The pocket (You can cut out the pants, level it on the upper edge of the pocket and carefully cut out the pocket. So you will have a pattern on where to put the pocket as well.)

On the thick cloth draw two full bodies.

On the yellow cloth draw two full bodies, if you want you can mark the position of the eye on one of them.

On the blue cloth draw the pants two times, also draw the pocket one time.

On the white cloth draw the eye, using the hole in the full-body pattern.

For the black of the eye I cut free handed. You can use the tip of your finger to help you cut a circle.

Step 3: Sewing the Small Parts

First you will need to secure the small parts from fraying.

I used nail-polish on the black part of the eye and sewed it to the big white part.

The little front-pocket I bordered by carefully rolling in the edges, securing them with small stitches.

I also bordered the top-part of the pants.

I didn't have to border the white part of my eye, for it is made of non-fraying fabric.

You can either secure the white eye-part with transparent nail-polish, or you can border it like I did with the pocket and pants.

Then I sewed the pocket to the front of the pants and the white eye to the yellow body.

If you want your little front-pocket functional, just sew the lower part of the locket on and leave the top open.

That way you can fill it with little things.

Step 4: Making a Minion-burger

Start with one of the thicker body-cut-outs at the bottom.

Then put the yellow body-cut-out with the eye on top, eye facing up.

Next place the part of the pants with the pocket on top, pocket facing up.

Place the second pants-part directly onto the first, right side facing down.

Now place the second yellow body-cut-out on top, right side down,

and then do the same with the second thicker body-cut-out.

Fix everything together with pins and it's ready for your sewing-machine.

(If you do not have a sewing-machine, you can sew the burger by hand. It just takes much longer...)

When you're done, cut the overhanging edges and carefully turn your Minion right side-out.

Use chopsticks to push out the more delicate parts and form your Minion to your liking.

Step 5: Preparing the Glasses

With your black ribbon measure around your Minion's head.

Curl your grey ribbon into a string and measure around the outline of the eye.

Carefully sew the grey ribbon-string into a circle fitting around the eye.

Curl one end of the black ribbon around the ribbon-string and sew a sling around it.

Holding the grey ring at place around the eye, measure around the Minion's head with your black ribbon and curl the other end of the black string around the other side of the grey ring.

Again sew a sling around the ribbon-string, and your glasses are done!

If you want them fixed, sew them to the head carefully. If you want to be able to take them off, leave them be.

Step 6: Finishing Your Work

My dog wanted to have a picture with the Minion as well, so here it is...

All that is left to do now is to curl in the bottom edge of your minion-glove and sew them, so it has a nice edging at the bottom.

And the suspenders... For that take your ribbon matching your pants and measure how long you will need your suspenders. They might be of different length. That's ok. It's handmade. No need to be perfect.

If your band is too wide for your liking you can do as I did and fold them in half, sewing the edges.

For fixing them to the pants start with the front.

Take a yarn matching your buttons.

Loosely fit one of the buttons to your first suspender and then sew the button with the suspender to the edge of the pants.

Repeat with the second one.

Now pull the loose ends of you suspenders to the back of your glove and sew them to the edges of the pants, but this time not on top, but hiding them behind the pants.

Cut off the tails, if there are any, and you are done!

Step 7: Minion Ready for Work

Now your little kitchen-helper is ready for work!

If he is going to another home, now you can wrap him nicely.

If you are going to keep him, find a nice place for him to live!

Have fun!

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