Introduction: Easy Mintyheater

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Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5: Parts

: mint tin
: toggle switch
: 9volt battery adapter
: pen spring
: hot glue gun
: soldering iron
: drill
: plyers ( long nose work best )

Step 6: Assembly

First get your pen spring and solder two 20cm pieces of wire to the springs ends. Then wire one ends to the switch and solder now solder one end of the battery connector to the switch then solder. Now solder the remaining two wires together and glue the wires and battery connector down I used bluetack but glue is fine an I also didn't solder I threaded the wires through ether way is fine you will also need to drill a hole for the switch and then tighten with a pair of pliers and get heating

Step 7: How It Works

This easy project works by shorting out the battery and this in turn makes heat from the spring and battery just close the lid for optimum proformance so the warm air stays In perfect for warming hands

Step 8: It Is Not My Fault If You Get Hurt

I will take no responsibility if anyone gets hurt build this at your own risk not my fault
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