Introduction: Easy Money Wallet

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This is a duct tape wallet with a built in calculator. I built it for my younger cousin as a Christmas present. I thought that it would be a useful present because as a younger kid I hated doing math to find out how much something costed with tax. Also I knew he would think that it looked cool.

If you have any suggestions or any errors to correct please comment so I can fix it.

Step 1: The Materials

I made this entire project with materials laying around my house, and even if you don't have one of these things, they are pretty cheap to buy, probably totaling under $10.

Materials List

Duct tape (I used gray. Get creative! Use whatever, however many colors you feel like)


Standard sized card

A straight edge (I used a note card, a ruler probably would have worked better)



Construction Paper

Calculator (Small and skinny preferably)

Cash to fill it!

Step 2: Beginning Assembly!

Okay. Now that you've got the materials it's time to start building! Grab one of the pieces of construction paper and the calculator. This is going to be the part you stick the tape to, the back bone of the wallet. Now, make one mark on each side. Give about a centimeter and a half of a cushion on each side.

Step 3: The Backbone Pt. 2

Now, slide the calculator down and mark on the side with the logo.

Step 4: Trace It Up!

Using the straight edge, trace the lines out so that it forms a rectangle. It should look a little large but it will look right when it is folded in half.

Step 5: Cut It Out!

Cut along the lines that you just drew. Remember, it's better to cut a little larger than a little smaller because its easier to trim down than to add back on. When you're done it should look like mine in the second picture.

Step 6: Duct Tape Application

Once you have that cut out you can start applying duct tape. I've found that it looks better if you get all the tape going in one direction and don't have too many layers. Apply the tape to both sides. When you're done it should look like the second picture.

Step 7: The Calculator

Since you have the big back piece done, now you can add the calculator. Make a large roll of tape from the duct tape. Stick it on the back of the calculator, preferably on a flat spot. Now you can stick the whole thing to one side of the paper (See Picture 2).

**NOTE** Your paper should be taped on both sides already **NOTE**

Step 8: Taping the Calculator

Once you are to the point where your project looks like picture 3, you need to start taping the calculator so that it blends in with the rest of the wallet. Try to make the taping even and make sure you tape the sides also.

Step 9: Card and Cash Holders

Now that you have the calculator blending in well, it's time to start adding places to hold cash and cards. Lay one of your cards on one of the uncut pieces of construction paper. Mark it once again with a little bit of a cushion. Then cut it out. You should make a minimum of two of these.

Step 10: Finishing the Cash Holder

Tape one of your card holders to the top of the inside of the side of the wallet. Don't make it very loose at all. You are ging to need to put the cash holder in it. Now that you have it taped on, cut out another piece of paper that is a little less than twice as long as the card holders. This will be the pocket that holds the cash. Don't tape it all the way around so that you can slip cash in and out. Look at the pictures to figure it out.

Step 11: Card Holders

Tape the extra card holder or holders just under the cash holder like they are in the picture and you are done!

Step 12: You're Done!

Hooray! You've finished. You know have a great gift for kids, or anyone who isn't great at math (myself included). If you have any questions, problems, suggestions, or errors you've noticed, post a comment!