Introduction: Easy Monogrammed Pendant

I absolutely love those cute monogrammed/custom necklaces and rings sold at accessory shops.They are perfect, go with everything and not to mention insanely overpriced!So, I decided to DIY one; here's how:


You will need-
1. Printer paper
2. Patterned paper
3. Hole puncher
4. Clear tape (packing tape works best)
5. Any kind of cord (I used embroidery thread)
6. Pencil and/or marker
7. scissor and/or box cutter
Note-The wider the tape is the better the results.

Step 1: Draw and Cut Your Pendant

On the pattern paper and printer paper, draw and cut the shape you want your pendant to be.It can be circle,square rectangle or any other shape of you choice;I chose oval.

Step 2: Draw and Cut Your Initial(s)

This is simple, just draw and cut a random shape(I chose heart)and write your initial(s)

Step 3: Stick Your Initial(s) to Your Tape

Take a piece of tape(about 4 inches),sticky side down,and stick it to your initial,right side up.

Step 4: Wrap

Just Wrap the pendant in the tape

Step 5: Punch and Loop

Fold your thread in half and set it aside.Punch a hole at the top of your pendant.Use the the thread you folded and tie a lark's head knot(pass the the thread through the hole and pull the two loose ends through the other end)after that make a loop on one end and tie several knots on the other.To wear, just pass the the large knot through the loop.

Step 6: Voila!


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