Introduction: Easy Nail Art Tutorial for Beginners

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Hola Guapas,

In this hot summer, I wanted to introduce tutorial of easy nail art to put a little exoticism on your nails!

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As you have certainly noticed, this year we see a lot of fruits and vegetables on the nails, all accompanied by fresh and tart colors to give us a taste of sun and vacation!

Step 1:

First of all, you need some equipment. To make beautiful drawings on your nails, the easiest way is to use acrylic paint, we find it everywhere (I bought mine at Maxi Toys). Acrylic paint is the best for nail art, it works well, has good performance and adheres well to varnish (more, it does not cost much).

Step 2:

Then the brushes, for nail art there are plenty of them, we find more in wholesalers aesthetics or Internet. For my part, I use a lot of brush called "detail" which allows making superfine strokes (small tip, if you do not find a brush fine enough, do not be afraid to cut some hair to refine it). I also use a slightly thicker brush for larger drawings, or for filling

Step 3:

And the last thing, you will need a small plastic plate (a small plastic plate for example) to be able to make your mixtures or dilutions of colors like a real painter!

Nail Art Palm It is found in many different designs, with a sunset, a beach ... But that's for the most meticulous of us. So we're going to leave today for a simple but effective version! You can choose to do it on one finger or on the whole hand, everything depends on your artistic soul.

Step 4:

Step 1: In the bowl of water, drop by a drop several colors of nail polish. The more drops you put, the more precise and detailed your final drawing will be.

Step 2: With a toothpick, hang your pattern at the edges of the glass.

Step 3: Always with your toothpick, trace a flower in the nail polish. Press in the water regularly the central part where the varnish gradually accumulates. Remember to wipe your toothpick regularly to avoid adding polish when you want to remove ...

Step 3: To prepare your nail before diving into the water, protect your cuticles and skins around the nail with tape. Lay the nail flat on the ground before pushing it into the water.

Step 4: Blur all the varnish that remains on the surface once your finger in the water. If you remove it while it remains on the surface, you may get back on your nail and thus damage your drawing.

Step 5: You can keep the drawing alone or decide to complete it by adding details. Here, the teacher draws a drop with black paint over the water marble, which serves as a backdrop.